Arculator v0.99 released

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Arculator, the Acorn Archimedes emulator by Tom Walker, has been updated. Here's what you'll find in this new release:
  • ICS IDE interface emulated, when new FDC is not in use
  • Improved IOC mapping, improvements on !PCem, NetBSD etc
  • ArculFS now read/write, and now ROM based
  • Sound improved a little
  • Can now disable all video borders
  • SWPB now works, also corrected SWP and MUL encoding - Fire & Ice now works
  • Return of FDI support
  • ADP protected disc image support
  • FDC improvements
  • High-res mono monitor emulation (1152x896)
  • A3010 joystick emulation
You can get it over on the author's website, or can go nuts on our Arculator page.

Trying to find instructions for getting the version on the site to run on Windows 10. Any attempt to go to the authors page gets a barrage of Trojan warnings from MalwareBytes.
Is anyone aware of how I can find guidance into getting into this emulator?

I updated all of the files on our site to reflect the current version (v2.1, 5th September 2021). Hope this helps!
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