Arcade Game Emulation?


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I'm sure all of us are familiar with how radically different Arcade Versions of snes/nes games were (graphicswise) for the most part).

I'm not asking for roms, or links ot any, but I'm curious if some roms of arcade games exist anywhere. Once again, not asking for links or anything else, but for example. Anyone who's about my age ought to recall how kickass TMNT II "the arcade game" was on the arcade. The first stage , the burning office building is a prime example of the difference I'm talking about.

Anyone know if some of those great arcade games we grew up with have been emulated anywhere? (Plus I'd really like to settle the score with the original Simpsons arcade game and maybe something like "Lucky and Wild" super fun :))
I think that what you're looking for is MAME. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). There are alot of versions, but there was a new version of MAMEUI released on the 15th of this month.
also, yes, many arcade roms are out in the open... have fun finding 'em.... shouldn't be too hard though.

Another nice thing is you also get to fuck with the service modes and what not, which is always fun. :3
I'm looking forward to this . I love rom hacks and patches etc, but I'm at a point where I have played a lot of them, and am looking for something new. This could be just the thing.
eenh, from my understanding, hacking arcade roms are rather difficult, unless you know how to fix the CRCs, since a lot of arcade machines run a chip diagnostic before booting up the game.
oh I'm not that adventurous yet. I'm not even sure I'm ready for Rom hacking on my own (maybe rom HECKLING :p).

But to play some of these old arcade games with the real arcade feel, oh brother it'd be the bomb.
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more than likely it was from Starmen though. I spent a while trolling (the good kind) there after finding out about the mother 3 fan translation.

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Make sure you check out some of the arcade games you probably missed too, like if you're into shooters, the CPS-2 game Dimahoo is absolutely awesome.
Also, you'll find all those CPS-2 games like X-Men Vs Streetfighter and the Dungeons and Dragons games too (man, I used to love those).
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