Anyone else having problems with double posting?


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It seems like at least half of the replies I've posted today, instead of redirecting to the message like it normally does, takes me to another reply box with a message about the forum requiring 30 seconds between replies, as if I double clicked on the Submit Reply button or something.

This has happened on two different computers (and two different connections, for what that's worth) so it's not just a problem with my mouse mysteriously double clicking (which was happening a few weeks ago and resulted in the purchase of a new mouse.)

I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same problem.
Now testing using "reply to thread", instead of quick reply...

Edit: Seems to be working ok for me...
I had that happen to me about a week ago, but I think it was due to my DNS server resetting. it posted both posts I was trying to reply to, but then it tried to repost them again. good thing for flood control.
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