any vgm to midi out there?


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i cannot get the one that uses "sphere" to work. I get

Script error in 'scrips/a_main.js', line: 95
(1): VGM parse error from ym26121(27,0)

I tried sphere's forum and tried contacting the project's creator, No response from either!

Now to the point, is there a program (maybe an exe) that can successfully convert vgm to midi because i cannot find any
Well, when I want vgm in midi form, I usually just download them from, though they're not always perfect, and are sometimes remixed.
they don't have any from Lotus Turbo Challenge (genesis) so i was going to try to convert one from the vgm format, if anybody has a midi of the Fog track would be helpful or just a converter so i can convert it
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