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Can't anybody make anything that lasts anymore!? Jesus!

Backtracking through old Zophar posts I've had this monitor just about 3 years. It was purchased on March 02, 2005. Recently it seems to be doing some strange crap, much like the old monitor...and my dad's 32" TV before it too died.

Lately, the screen has been going inward, then out again rather quickly. Today, I saw it completely bend inward into an hourglass shape. This is a bad omen indeed. This also means it's a good time to look into buying a new monitor....again.

How about a nice 19" CRT Flatscreen this time around. Because I still don't like LCDs too much. I'd buy one, it's just that the contrast ratios on them....suck.
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Never mind. A relative just gave me their 17" Flatscreen eMachines monitor. Hope it doesn't suck.
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Here's a good use for old CRT monitors. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
but seriously, those old monitors are creating a real health hazard, no one knows what to do with the tons of toxic materials. Can't just put them into a landfill.
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I know. My current monitor is still doing quite good. So the flatscreen is just sitting there until its time is ready. As for disposal, the county sets up a special day just for throwing away stuff like old appliances, computers, TVs, etc. So when the time comes I'll just throw it out on that day.
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