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Firstly let me make sure that I get one thing straight away, I'm not at all questioning the rules of any forum and especially not this one. I am posting this as a general question about forum etiquette.

I have been coming to Zophar for a long time now. I have been posting only a short time of that. However in the time I have been posting I've noticed that the staff here is really good about dealing with stuff. Also about not making a scene when a member makes mistakes with grammar, spelling and the format of the posts. True, I know it's best to try to keep posts tidy and orderly.

Sometimes we all have our days though. And since it's just the internet I am wondering, why are so many people on other message boards so uptight? Not just about spelling, punctuation and grammar, but sometimes when a post is in the wrong place, it might be moved and the mods let people know they moved it so they will correctly post. This is a logical thing to do although I know it must get tiring. Some people make a spectacle of it on their site(s).

Basically I was on another forum. One that has nothing to do with emulation. I posted something the admin of the forum didn't like. So he took it upon himself to insult me by telling me they should enforce their policy about kids under 13 having age restrictions. Then when I took it up with him in an IM he was really rude, didn't apologize and made excuses. "I thought you were someone else."

At any rate, I suddenly started having "problems" with my posts. He said they weren't thought out enough, I wasn't reading through all the posts, I wasn't spelling things right or using proper grammar, etc.

When I went to read an apology I had posted (since he had been saying tons of members had been complaining, I figured tell them to talk to me about it so I would catch it before it became a problem) I was banned until 2031. I tried to just look at the post without logging in but he made it protected. Which tells me he is hiding something. He kept saying people were complaining but could never prove that to me or explain where and what specifically I had done wrong.

More or less, I am banned for life. Not that I care. It was a crappy fan boy message board anyways. I just dunno how to take it.

My questions are this, how would one normally take this kind of treatment? Have you ever had this happen to you?

And more so, how do you guys remain my favorite message board. You don't have a bunch of trolls looking for spelling errors and complaining about them. How on earth did you filter through the craptastic people?

And for future note, if I ever get on your nerves please just tell me. I'm more than happy to talk to anyone and work out differences we may have. (I feel like it's a bad thing when I say that now...the world is f**ked)

Sorry, I don't know how to word this question. I apologize in advance if it seems immature or stupid somehow.

I just want you guys to honestly know that you are awesome. Thanks for being a cut above the rest. In general, thanks for not being a [insert naughty word for genitals here].

A multitude of thanks and praise! ZD is the best.



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My questions are this, how would one normally take this kind of treatment? Have you ever had this happen to you?
Oh yes. I came to call it The Pleasuredome Saga. It had one sequel and one more pseudo-sequel. As far as I'm concerned, I was as reasonable as I could be, but once I questioned the rules, MisterWhite decided it was full and complete repentance or nothing. Seeing as how I still don't think I did anything wrong, I decided to take what was left of my self-respect and leave. I would no longer return even if invited, they can go fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned.


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I think that was part of the problem. It seemed as if though I didn't understand the rules. But all I really said was that it's way easier to take things out of context online and that sometimes we all overlook things.

Also a grammar/spelling/etc. nazi is just as bad as a troll in my book.

Thanks for sharing. I felt like an idiot but I guess it happens.

I love what you said here: "I hate not being able to talk about the rules, no matter how often they're talked about. All rules should be up for discussion and potential change, and I view shutting down all debate as a bad way to enforce a rule. No one learns anything and the rule becomes completely arbitrary."

Exactly. You guys do a great job of making sure that we can discuss things openly and maturely, instead of just turning people away from the site. If someone has a problem here they tell you. Not mosey around like a bunch of pansies. You guys don't care to be blunt. These other people, want candy coated kisses and I wasn't ready to give.

It's a hot topic with some people apparently. They act like they control what others will say or think about something. Although I think people should work hand in hand with the staff of a forum, there are times even when well meaning people get out of line. And I'm just the kind of person to tell them that I feel that way. Then they completely ignore what they may have done wrong, or ignore other people whom are causing just as bad a problem. But ya know, you just can't please everyone eh?

Another thing that caught my attention: "I'm not going to blow my top here. I think you want me to start directly insulting you, because then you can come down with the ban-hammer and justify it to everyone."

They did they to me, only I flipped out and told the guy that he could do you know what, to himself. He is a... pompous idiot to put it nicely. I just let him ban me and I did talk to him in private. He however insulted me in the public forum and locked the topics I was posting in to make me look like a fool. That's okay, I have the number of the PR person whom gives him his "perks" and media usage rights. I can probably get them revoked. I can only hope. But then again, maybe that would be stooping to his level.

And "Nintendo and Sony are generally off topic. Please don't discuss these systems here or risk a kick/ban."

WTF? How stupid. Maybe they should consider why they don't allow that. Hell, if anything it makes them look more shady. It's not like with PSX and PS2 you can't just buy a copy of the game and take care of it yourself. Or with Nintendo that some of it's so outdated I hardly think they care. I think information should be free. That is to say the discussion and information that comes in the form of words. You brought up a valid point. At least in my opinion.

Great to know I'm not the first to get pooped on.

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im guessing i should say no problem?
i never really care how someone types as long as i can read it.
and i also want to say that it is a pleasure getting to know you.
sane logical people are hard to find these days and anytime i meet people i can talk to freely i consider it a win.


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Yes, however when I tried to shorten the second post cause it was a little long I couldn't save it. :( I will just edit it later so it doesn't take up so much room.


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Give a normal person anonymity and freedom of expression and you get a total jackass. Best to just shrug it off and move on.

I think ZD is normal because the members are generally older and have been on the net for a long time. I've made some 20,000 posts on forums in the last 5 years, and while all of those could have been stupid, generally experience does count for something.

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Well, we have had our trolls in the past, that's inevitable I suppose, but as somebody who's moderated this forum for a long time (on the old forums originally) that I like to treat people on the boards as I'd want to be treated. Sure, there have been people in the past that rub me the wrong way, and of course I screw up at times, but there's no excuse for an admin or mod to act in the way of the fellow you mention in your first post.

I mean really...I'd have left too (choice or no). I think some people get a little bit of power and forget that the people on the other side of that screen are indeed people too (barring the occasional spam bot lol).
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