All of your stickies are killing new threads.

king killa

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This place is slow enough that there is no need to have sticky threads that are basically trying to act as sub-forums. If I want to post a funny link/image/youtube video, I want to make a new thread for it. Have discussion on it, and it alone. I have to set it to view posts from 100 days ago to see what seems like a full page, and yet there are these sticky topics with 300+ replies to them. That's retarded!
You should have seen it before I made a similar post on the staff board several months ago and Reaper man deleted/unstickied several posts.

I disagree on the link/image/video thread, though. The entire point of that was to keep stupid crap from littering the board.

The stickies aren't killing new threads, though.You could delete all of them and it wouldn't make any difference. You could delete the entire forum and it would barely affect the post count. If we want to increase user activity, the focus of the site needs to shift from emulation to something people give a shit about.
I think one of the reasons why I did that was because shawn took it overboard and (like at EP) create 10 damn threads each about a stupid picture/image etc.
It made a lot of sense at the time.
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