ACID 64 Player Pro v3.5


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ACID 64 Player Pro, a Commodore 64 player for devices that have a real SID chip installed, was updated to version 3.5 on December 19th. Here are all of the updates since our last posted version, 3.2:
  • Emulation improvements
  • COMPUTE!'s Sidplayer (MUS file) support with support of stereo files.
    Improved speed of identifying players
  • STIL window state is now preserved (when default size/position option is turned off)
  • SID Search improvements for searching certain words and characters, re-index required
  • Added "search by this author/publisher/group" feature in search grid context menu
  • Added triple click support on the search box to select all text
  • Second SID device settings for HardSID 4U and HardSID Quattro devices are now stored correctly
  • ACID64 works on Windows 98 again for HardSID PCI and ISA cards
  • Property dialog to show info about the loaded SID file can now stay open
  • Pressing F5 will now refresh folder tree and corresponding files
  • CTRL-A can now be used to select all text in search boxes
  • CTRL-H is now used for Author search
  • UNC paths are now handled correctly
  • Rare access denied error fixed when traversing files
  • Fixed error when HVSC folder was not specified on some machines
  • Fixed error when opening certain MUS files
  • Layout issues fixed for different DPI settings
  • First file played is now always added to history list
  • Other small improvements
Additionally, since the author now claims that the program now supports all HardSID cards/devices and software devices, all older versions have been removed.

You can grab it at our ACID 64 Player Pro download page.

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