1800 square feet of dooooom!


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Swampgas asked me where I'm moving... and I realized I haven't posted in here yet.

I think I decided to rope myself into a 1 year lease as to obliterate the idea of moving out to California... which would be incredibly stupid right now because Jeremy's about to graduate, and because I have no money saved to make a trip like that and get started.

So yeah, I, Jeremy, and a friend of ours are going to be renting a huge house together. Deposit is due next Friday, and first month's rent is due before Oct 1st, which is when we get the keys.


<img src=http://oddigy.com/img/newhouse.jpg>

4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, 2 car garage... out on the edge of town where we can light all the bonfires in our backyard we'd like without any stupid Stillwater PD bugging us. :)

1/3 of the rent+bills ends up being less than I was paying when I was living alone, so this is completely do-able.

Very exciting stuff. Keep an eye on the classifieds and eBay user ID Audigy for stuff I'll be hawking as it surfaces in the closet. (huge closet, way too much crap.)


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> That looks like a microwave antenna.

It is a VROOM antenna. Yeah, don't ask, I don't know either. It's some wireless internet voodoo that is shit.

We live about 3 yards from a brand new fiber box. We are getting DSL. :)
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