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  1. Red-XIII

    For Fucks Sake! Can anyone tell me where....

    To find the very very VERY!! latest version of GoodN64?? I swear I can't even in a Google search, PLEASE??? I've only not been here like 185385764.856 years. :\ I'm seriously serious here though. Gimme that shit. I need to audit my roms.
  2. Red-XIII

    Anyone still active in emulation? I need an answer.

    I downloaded Gens32 Surreal v1.90std and have loved it so far for Genesis/32X emulation until.... I tried a SegaCD game. Do get it confused, this emu also does a great job with SegaCD, but there seems to be a feature either coded into the actual emulator or a setting I'm not noticing that when...
  3. Red-XIII

    If you're posting here on...

    Well you know the rest. Happy Thanksgiving fuckers! :retardedlol:
  4. Red-XIII

    DC Universe Online - PS3

    Anyone currently playing this? I'm active on the USPS3 server and have a league I just created. If you wanna group up in game with me sometime just add me ass a friend. Villains only please. My toon's name is xSinistaRx.
  5. Red-XIII

    *Taps mic* This thing on?

    Who's still around here?
  6. Red-XIII


    Yeah I'm bored and so was my cat. He had this to say.
  7. Red-XIII

    Osama's dead

  8. Red-XIII

    PSX ISO compression.

    Ok, I've been compressing my PSX isos with the CDR Mooby plugin. Question: Are there any stand alone programs that will allow me to compress to bz?
  9. Red-XIII

    It's sad.....

    There's more people viewing the forums as guests than actual real members. Stop lurking and join up you bastards! :flipoff: :bigthumbup:
  10. Red-XIII

    Upgrading my PC

    So I went on a eBay bender and bought up some stuff I thought would be an improvement on my current setup. Replacing my Core 2 Duo E7500 is a Core 2 Quad Q8300. $113 after s/h. A difference of $36.99 I'd pay on my usual shopping spot, Newegg. 430MHz slower than my current CPU but it's a Quad...
  11. Red-XIII

    Goodbye AMD!

    After build after build of custom PC's since 1999 I've finally crossed over from AMD to Intel. Just put it together today. Biostar G41-M7 mobo paired with a Core 2 Duo E7500 and a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. I'm currently OCed to 3.5Ghz with temps around 60c during torture tests and 38c idle...
  12. Red-XIII

    Ebay Buy it now. Jungle Green N64 console with 3 games

    Complete system with expansion pack and 3 games. Ogre Battle 64, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. $65.00 plus $13.95 shipping. US buyers only.
  13. Red-XIII

    Incorrect voltage readings

    What's wrong with this picture? If you said you're voltage readings are totally fubar then you're correct. Been this way ever since I've built this system but everything runs the way it should and never crashes. Makes no sense. Anyone have a clue what could cause this?
  14. Red-XIII

    Rupert Murdoch is a maniac

    Check this story out. He wants to sue the BBC and Google because he claims they steal news stories from his company NewsCorp for their own.
  15. Red-XIII

    World Series

    Go Phils? Go Yankees? or... I don't give two shits? I vote Go Phils! How about you?
  16. Red-XIII

    I just got done with a $187 shopping spree on Ebay

    $187.52 to be exact. I got tired of getting outbid on 20GB PS3's so I said fuck that shit, I'm old school. Then I went apeshit and went on a spree of all things N64. Here's what $187.52 got me. $44.77 1 Jungle Green N64 console with expansion pak, 1 controller and all the cords. Plus a rumble...
  17. Red-XIII


    I'm probably out of the loop and everyone already knows about this place but this is one of the most amusing websites I've ever come across. Check it out:
  18. Red-XIII

    Money comes in. Money goes out.

    So, I'm proud to say I've been pretty damn successful at this whole Ebay thing, but it's not the get cash quick fix I thought it would be. Just sold my DS,PSP,GBA package for $191 and have made $474.48 total with 3 sales. Thing is I've already spent $282.28 (after shipping & taxes) of it. That...
  19. Red-XIII


    Got a bunch of PC parts bundled up this time. Take a look. Bundles will not be broken up if anyone is curious.
  20. Red-XIII

    DS PSP and GBA bundle up for auction

    DS is back up for auction but not by itself. This time I've bundled it with a PSP and a GBA. If anyone bids and wins from here let me know either in this thread or Ebay. I will included a bonus, 2 actually, which will be a M3 DS Real flash cart with a 4gb microsd card and a iTouchDS flash cart...
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