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    I'm stuck on Castlevania SOTN

    After the long hallway of zombies from the first room of the game, there's a room with water full of mermen at the bottom. At the bottom left there's a secret passage to a small room. For the life of me I can't figure out how to get to the passage. I don't want to use a walkthrough if I don't...
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    Emulation Source

    So now that Zophar is gone, what other all around emulation sites are out there? Anymore I just frequent <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    *Buying* N64 USB Adapter WITH force feedback

    As the subject states that's what I am looking to buy. The N64 Adaptoid fills that requirement. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    GRiD Compass

    The GRiD Compass 1100 was arguably the first laptop computer, introduced in April 1982. The computer was designed by British industrial designer Bill Moggridge in 1979, and first sold three years later. The design used a clamshell case (where the screen folds flat to the rest of the computer...
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    Is Apple notebook hardware good quality? <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Needed: Laptop

    I need a laptop and I know one of you has one to sell. Seriously, I need a decent laptop in good condition at a decent price. Thanks. If nothing else, please let me know of good laptop deals or laptop brands. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    HDD Woes

    I reset the CMOS on my old computer. This was after I realized that my BIOS doesn't autodetect my HDD settings. So... I've been able to figure out what everything is supposed to be set to except LZ (Landing Zone) and Pre (Precompensation). Any ideas? I've googled and googled for info. on this...
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    Help with setting jumpers

    <img src=> I want to upgrade my CPU on my old computer. I need to switch jumpers around, but it's not clear which pin is which. I don't know what pin 1 is or pin 3 etc. because they are not labeled at all. I can guess and check but I don't know...
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    Wanted: 486DX2-66MHz & RAM

    If you've got a tested & working 486DX2-66MHz I will definitely buy it if you want to offer it. In exchange I've got either cash or two AMD 486DX4-100s & 64MB SIMM RAM to trade.
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    Router PC

    I was getting really excited when I found the SmoothWall router pc project,, until I found out my old pc is just below the hardware requirements. So, are there other projects out there to turn old pcs into routers? I don't know much about *NIX or BSD so it would have...
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    Image Post Test

    <img src=>
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    Hawt pic test

    <img src=>
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    Wanted: Various PC Parts (see thread)

    These are parts I need for a spare computer I have. Anything in parentheses is compatibility info. the motherboard manual provides. I by no means need anything top of the line, just decent inexpensive working pieces. I'll take free pc stuff too hehe. Please private message me any offers: 1.)...
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    Give hcs Your eProps

    He sure is doing a lot of work especially as of late in the N64 scene. Make sure you thank him for what he's doing <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>!
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    What are your Top10 favorite games?

    I've been looking to get some more games for N64 and GameCube but don't know what to get. Here's my list: *N64 -Zelda: OoT -Super Mario 64 -Zelda: MM -Goldeneye 007 -Tsumi to Batsu -Perfect Dark -Star Wars: Rogue Squadron *GameCube -Zelda: WW -Eternal Darkness -Mario Sunshine Meh I know...
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    A Martian Sunset

    <img src=> On May 19th, 2005, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit captured this stunning view as the Sun sank below the rim of Gusev crater on Mars. This Panoramic Camera (Pancam) mosaic was taken around 6:07 in the evening...
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    meh avatar testage

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    asdfasdf <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    GameCube not surround sound equipped?

    Am I wrong or is the Nintendo GameCube not surround sound equipped? How can this be if the Nintendo64 was capable of surround sound? Somebody tell me what's really going on! <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Google Web Accelerator

    The <a href=>Google Web Accelerator</a> has been out for about a week now I think. It seems to work well. Basically it uses advanced caching methods as well as compression (the data is compressed on Google's servers I think) to increase browsing speeds. Hopefully...
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