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    The All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. team Project - Ron-Chan's Adventure

    This idea should be interesting for those that are SMB1 hackers. No experience needed. As an experienced SMB1 and SMB2J hacker, you have seen many great SMB1 hacks such as my afterworld 8, AP's aftersmb2j hack, YY's SMB hack, Acmlm's Strange Mario Bros, Googie's team SMB1 hack, Darkdata's Peach...
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    Game Gear Emulators that record AVI

    Is there an emulator besides Kega Fusion 3.6 that record Game Gear games. Installing the Kega Video Codec is dangerous with my Windows XP System and never passed the logo testing. I don't want to damage my system. And I don't have a certain 32GB or 16GB Flash Drive to create backups before...
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    Uploading PNG Files when submitting hacks

    Why can't I post them? I have tried to upload it but it says invalid image. What Image files are accepted?
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    Megaman Showdown 2 Project - Everyone's welcome

    I hope you're interested in this project. Megaman Showdown 2 is now 50% completed so far. So I need the other 50% to make my project more interesting. MMS2 is a tribute of celebrating the 20 great years of Mega Man and Mega Man 2, which has basically been all of my life. That also includes all...
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    FCE Ultra Emulator Troubleshoot

    My FCE Ultra 0.98.28 or FCE Ultra X emulator works fine on my desktop. BUT, my desktop has no sound card. But here is the main problem, my laptop has sound card and my FCE Ultra 0.98.28 or FCE Ultra X emulator doesn't work on my laptop. Both have DirectX installed. Every time I open the ROM on...
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    Supporting local Japanese

    I used a program called applocale. I tried to install it on my Win98SE but it is not compatable with it. What software that supports local Japanese for Win98SE.
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