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  1. JCE3000GT

    Japanese people = epic genius This is just pure awsomeness. I <3 Japanese people. <P ID="signature"> </P>
  2. JCE3000GT

    Any good FFTactics (PSX) hacks out there?

    I seem to recall one hack and one rudamentary editor a few years ago popping up. Anyone remember or know what I'm talking about? This one guy had created an entire site on mapping out the game's data, but I lost the link several formats ago. <P ID="signature"> </P>
  3. JCE3000GT

    old avatar revival

    Too big? Too offensive? Discuss. <P ID="signature"></P>
  4. JCE3000GT

    Does this USB GBA Linker work with the DS? I'm seriously thinking about dumping my GBA carts--and hacking a couple of them *cough*RPGs*cough* and running them on a flashcart in my DS. So my question--obviously--is can I use a GBA flash linker and flash cart on my normal...
  5. JCE3000GT

    XBOX to XBOX direct connect networking?

    So, can you directly connect 2 XBOXs to each other for local multiplayer? Or do you HAVE to use a router? <P ID="signature"></P>
  6. JCE3000GT

    Frozen Flame (Radical Dreamers) imported to CT [IPS Patch] NOTE: If you wish to use this in your hack/game mod please email or PM me first (either here or my forum) and give me the credit.  I don't have a problem with anyone using it, I just would like credit and to be notified on who's...
  7. JCE3000GT

    Wanting to build an arcade cabinet

    But the kicker is I would like to build a RACING game cabinet that's a sitdown one and google is only showing me standup cabinets. So, anyone know where I can find some info on building a good sturdy and reasonable quality racing game cabinet? <P ID="signature"></P>
  8. JCE3000GT

    Take a listen to this I've finally figured out how to import songs from previously incompatible games to FF6. This would sound much better in Chrono Trigger since it uses the same instrument sample set as Radical Dreamers. Thoughts? <P...
  9. JCE3000GT

    Incase you've been under a rock...StarCraft 2 is confirmed If you are a StarCraft fan and or an RTS fan you HAVE to download the gameplay video. I couldn't stop drooling, I'm still rather speechless. I'd sell your children to be able to be a beta tester... <P ID="signature"></P>
  10. JCE3000GT

    GBA / DS question

    I've got a normal DS and I was wondering if a GBA gameshark/action replay would fit and be able to be used in the DS? <P ID="signature"></P>
  11. JCE3000GT

    Happy bday Discho

    So don't go and get alcohol poisoning on us now! Conga rats anyone? <P ID="signature"></P>
  12. JCE3000GT

    Any possibility of running an emu (SNES/NES/GBx) on the XBOX360 without a modchip?

    Would it be possible? Hell, the 360 does every-freaking-thing else. <P ID="signature"></P>
  13. JCE3000GT

    BEST video format converter

    While playing with my new XBOX360 and my Media Center PC I noticed that (of course) Microsoft doesn't like my video files' formats. So I guess I need to convert a few of them to WMV or MPEG-2. What's the best program out there for the job? Quality is important...if I have to leave my computer...
  14. JCE3000GT

    Some SPC remixes from CT & FF6

    Here's a few remixes/injections I've done to FF6 and CT using one of my new projects. Note: For those who don't know these aren't just hacked *.SPC files, I hacked the ROM itself. FF6 Battle -> CT: FF6 Blackjack -> CT...
  15. JCE3000GT

    Buy replacement fans for a video card?

    The heatsink fan on my FX5700 is making the usual noise indicating that it's about to fail--so where do I pick up another reliable fan for it? Or could I just replace the heatsink altogether? I saw this on newegg: but it doesn't...
  16. JCE3000GT

    Happy Birthday viking brute!

    Also known as, UncleOral. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif> <P ID="signature"><center> coolieranx: I think accepting Christ should at least be worth a PlayStation 3</center></P>
  17. JCE3000GT

    P4 1.5Ghz vs P4 XEON 1.5Ghz

    Ok so let me setup my question with some background info first. For those who don't know here are the specs of my system: And if you notice I'm not using hardly any virtual memory and my system isn't being leeched of it's resources. And before I get started I DO know that just because I...
  18. JCE3000GT

    Thinking about getting a DS *edit* I just bought one

    So what are the pros and cons about spending the money for the DS? Note ALL discussions about the PSP will be ignored. Thanks. A couple of questions I want to ask: 1. Is the screen backlit bright enough to play in complete darkness? 2. Does the LCD screen have "ghosting" effects like some...
  19. JCE3000GT

    S> Super Wild Card DX2 32MB + others

    Ok it's time to start selling some stuff. I need some cash for a new car...selling the following in an ebay style bidding format. Ending time is 1 week from Friday, which is Sept. 8th 2006. I can only accept paypal or if you pay me cash in person. Accepting paypal will protect you and me...
  20. JCE3000GT

    Word That is all. <P ID="signature"><center> coolieranx: I think accepting Christ should at least be worth a PlayStation 3</center></P>
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