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    Are people still alive in here ?

    Geminem! Wow. What a callback. Hope you've been well, Brad!
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    Are people still alive in here ?

    Hi there. It took me a few visits to figure out my password.
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    Guilty Pleasures

    Leave your machismo at the door. What are the things that you are really into, be it movies, games, music, or whatever else, that you really feel like you shouldn't like or would pretty much never publicly admit to enjoying? I recently came across this Lights chick: I can't...
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    So, I basically had no idea that this program existed until just a few hours ago. I was just about ready to break down and buy Microsoft Office Home & Student before I move out for school this week, but then in looking for the best price online, I found this. I think I'm falling in love. Anyone...
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    Happy bday, Danoz

    Enjoy your frosty birthday brews. <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    "Littering and, littering and, littering and... smokin' the reefer"

    This was originally going to be a reply, but then I decided not to risk hijacking someone else's thread. Also, a few people might disagree with me, and this is generally directed towards the (fairly large) marijuana using population on the boards. I would also like to note my biases towards...
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    So, basically, I've had depression for... pretty much too long for me to know when it actually started. It's been several years, at least; perhaps since middle school, or maybe only about three years. I really can't say for sure. I've had obsessive-compulsive disorder my entire life, but it...
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    Really. Freaking. Nervous.

    I'm about 20 minutes away from leaving to compete in a scholarship thing for the college I'm going to next year. Basically, I have 90 minutes to write an essay, and if I'm in the top three for my subject I can get a $10,000 to $16,000 scholarship (in addition to my other merit-based award). Last...
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    Saturn Emulation

    A long time ago, I tried to find an emulator and information about emulating the Sega Saturn. However, at the time, there really appeared to be nothing that was actually in the working stages for the system. Are there any reasonable Saturn emulators in existence nowadays? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Screwed up weekend.

    Okay, so, on Friday morning I found out at school that a friend of mine had been killed in a car accident the previous night. I've never really known someone that just... died before. After just hanging around the library with other friends and friends of hers for a few hours, I decided to just...
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    Good GBA Games?

    I just got a GBA SP from my brother. Before I just had one of the GBA's without a backlight and couldn't see jack, so I really don't have any idea about what good games there are for it from the last couple years. Any suggestions you might have are greatly appreciated. Action, adventure, puzzle...
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    The Orange Bowl

    I dunno who else here is really into college football, but if any of you just watched the (nearly 5 hour long) Orange Bowl... holy shit. That was one crazy game, especially with all the missed field goals. Congrats to Penn State for pullin' this one out in the third overtime. Now we're down to...
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    The MPA

    I must say, the MPA has become my most hated organization at this point. For those who don't know, they've now started to shut down sites providing guitar, bass, and drum tabs. They've already taken down, which was probably the only decent guitar tab resource on the net that was...
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    Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks died at age 92. May she rest in peace.
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    Yet another topic regarding the opposite sex...

    ...this one's a little different. Let's start with a girl we shall call "B". I liked B for a really long time last year, and we were best friends... while one of my friends was also off-and-on with her. No matter how much I liked her, I promised myself I'd never make the first move on her. But...
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    TV/amp question

    Okay, so whenever I have guitar amps turned on and I have the TV that's in the same room on at the same time, it causes a static-like feedback in the ampliphiers. Not really bad or anything, but certainly noticable. This happens mostly when distortion is on. I was just wondering, what is that...
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    Gary The Retard

    So... I saw Gary The Retard at my work like a week ago (at Fred Meyer). He sat around and told me where to clean this and that and chatted about this huge ass vacation he was going on. And I didn't even realize who he was until later when I talked to a friend who works with him at Burgerville...
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    Recording Software & Equipment

    Alright, so I'm about ready to start putting mics to amps and attempt to dub my vocals until they hopefully sound decent. So, for those of you who are into producing music, what home recording software would you recommend? What are the best microphones for guitar, bass, and vocals? Or, for...
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    Challenge Games?

    Whatever happened to Challenge Games ( I'm guessing it died, but then, what about GameMakr's Zelda3C that he's been working on for God knows how long? I really hope he's still working on that somewhere... <P ID="signature"></A></P>
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    New computer & AIM

    Okay, so a friend of mine just got a new computer and she put AOL Instant Messenger on it. But, now every time she leaves an away message, after a few minutes it signs her off of AIM, then back on without an away message... and then I hear all about how gay that new computer is and how she has a...
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