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  1. Bodomi

    View unread posts

    In some other forum I go to, they have a feature that shows you the posts you haven't read since your last visit. It's very useful, I'd say. I was wondering if it's possible to implement that here. They use vBulletin 3.7.3. This forum uses vBulletin 3.6.7. So I'm not sure if that's a feature...
  2. Bodomi

    Desktop Thread: 01/2009

    Pretty much the same deal as last month. No icons on desktop and no themes to show off. Just the current wallpaper.
  3. Bodomi

    No automatic thread subscription.

    As said at the title, I don't want to be automatically be subscribed to some topic I happen to reply to. The default on other forums is that you manually subscribe to any topic that interests you. This only causes me an extra step in going to my user cp and delete my subscription every time I...
  4. Bodomi

    Star Ocean: The Second Story. Voice stuff...

    As everyone of you know, the english voices on the game are terrible. (for the most part, especially Precis) I recently aquired the japanese version of the game. What I was wondering, is it possible to replace the english voices with japanese ones? <P ID="signature"></P>
  5. Bodomi

    Found this little time waster <font color="ff0000">WARNING:</font> Highly addictive! There's not really much point in this 'game' but it did waste a lot of my time. <P ID="signature">_____ <img src=></P>
  6. Bodomi

    Just some png transparency testing

    Seeing how this looks with different color themes...
  7. Bodomi

    Since Lenorphis didn't want to use this avatar...

    Then I will! Now we have 2 Katts around here. <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif> <P ID="signature">_____ <img src=></P>
  8. Bodomi


    I had no idea I've made a sig this 'cool'. (just accidently found it while pruning some useless files from my website) <P ID="signature">_____ <img src=></P>
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