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    What's up everybody? Long time no see. <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    Nintendo DS

    So I bought a DS today with Dawn of Sorrow. It's pretty badass. I'm probably going to get Mario Kart DS as well. Any other recommendations for games? Can't wait for FF3DS and those Xenosaga remakes either ;P <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    After a year and a half at Domino's, I finally got promoted to store manager. Woot. For the first time in my life, I'm on a salary and making the most money I ever have. Of course, in the long run it's not a whole lot, but it's definitely a good start. I have to work 45+ hour weeks though :( Oh...
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    FF: Dear Friends Concert

    Well, I'm about to go off to Atlanta for the Final Fantasy Dear Friends concert :D I'll let everyone know how it was ;o
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    So yeah, two days ago I'm delivering pizza like I do all the time. It's also a big part of the reason I'm not around much anymore. Anyway, it's about 11:20pm and I'm delivering to an apartment complex that we deliver to all the time after dark, so I thought nothing of it. I pull up to the...
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    What is wrong with these people?

    I was reading reviews on, which is probably a mistake. What kind of people are writing these reviews? Please, does anyone here think that Xenosaga 2's soundtrack is in any way shape or form better than the Xenosaga 1? When I got XS2, one of the first things I noticed was a...
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    Wanted- Newsposters!

    It's getting to be rough around here. Most of us do not have the time anymore, or for quite awhile anyway, to post news. We need people who are willing and <u>have the time</u> to post news regularly. If you'd like to, but don't have the time, don't apply. Generally, it takes about a couple of...
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    Snake Eater

    I've been buying a lot of games lately :o First San Andreas, then Gradius V, then Metroid Prime 2, and now Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. This game is very detailed and very very cool. It's not easy though, much like any MGS game (or Metal Gear game period, for that matter). If anyone was...
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    I was playing Minish Cap and came upon this in the town and I find it amusing. But, why did they reference Dr. Wright (from SNES SimCity) in a Zelda game? Does anyone know a story on this or anything? <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    Gradius V

    This is my first game purchase since San Andreas. I must say, this game is really cool and insanely hard. It's not that much harder so far (I mean, I've only been able to get to level 4 after an hour or so of gameplay). You can do different things with your Options in this game too. If you like...
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    Wanted - Features and Requests

    Okay, things are back on track everyone. We need a features/requests list for the new site (which is coming better than it ever has!): Easier and more efficient navigation (more or less complete) Updated design (more or less complete) Anything else you need? :o <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    I hate cops

    I'm BEYOND pissed off right now. I just came back from work (I deliver pizza for Domino's). I was coming back from a run going along the highway with a pizza for someone who wasn't home (assholes). I get pulled over by a cop...I wasn't happy. He gives me a ticket for going 81 in a 65, and a...
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    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

    So yeah, I bought this game a couple of days ago. I beat the crap out of MGS 1 and why am I having such a hard time with this remake? Is the game more difficult than remembered, or have my MGS skrillz just deterioriated since MGS2? Who else has played this :P <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    <url></url> I've seen this before, but I still think it's funny. On a side note, there's also a Cornelius book (spelled a little differently), but it's weird that 100% of the books these people have are the same or damn near the same as someone here. <P...
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    EmuForge Forum Hack?

    So, yeah, did EmuForge actually get hacked? <url></url> Here's an example of what happens trying to link to a specific forum: <url></url> This is so bizarre it seems fake. I wasn't aware there were...
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    Off Medication!

    I'm very happy :D I went through a terrible spell of depression early in my junior high school year. Pretty much ever since then, I have taken Effexor XR for clinical depression. A little while ago, I weaned myself off it and I haven't been on any kind of medication for about 3 and a half weeks...
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    Final Fantasy I & II Advance

    So yeah, FF1&2A (J) was just dumped and I started to play it. Here's the question: I don't remember there being any cave on the way north from Corneria to the Temple of Fiends. I have provided a couple of screenshots...anyone know what this is? Maybe it has something to do with accessing the new...
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    N64/PSX USB Converter Drivers

    So yeah, does anyone have the drivers for this thing? I didn't get a disk with mine and it doesn't seem to be wanting to work right now. (It's a green one). <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    Okay, now that I got my firewall back (Sygate's working like a charm...thanks :D), I need a good free antivirus program. What's the suggestion here? :P <P ID="signature">:D!</P>
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    Alright, so ZoneAlarm lately has been really fucking up my internet connection, making it unstable. Also, programs that use the internet will lock up and cause all other programs with an active internet connection to lock up and then crashing my system. That really pissed me off. So now I...
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