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  1. pipes

    moving up in the world

    Honestly, never mind. The daily grind gets to me. I should be thankful that everyone is doing well! And so I shall!
  2. pipes

    real id

    you have your federal id yet?... no? Don't know what the hell I am talking about? Well I got mine. Guess I get to get to be tracked by the federal government, because you know how I could pose as a threat to federal democracy and freedom.:regret:
  3. pipes

    druck rant

    seriously. everything is driving me up the wall! Why can't things go back to where they were originally? I want to see both 4chan and facebook go down. SO FUCKING SICK OF IT. I am sick of the internet and I am sick of all the fags that like that one movie about that canadian that fights 9...
  4. pipes

    windows 8

    so who is going to get windows 8 it looks like rumors are true with the office ribbons UI. I just might pass, but I question with the fact that 7 still new and XP still being transitioned to 7 for alot of businesses and home computers, what is the point of 8 other then to make money and piss on...
  5. pipes

    yes yes yes you know what today is?

    Now that skynet has been reimplemented Lets smoke pot!
  6. pipes

    haha you got me

    and I thought inverse actually posted news.
  7. pipes

    Obama is coping FDR

    everything he did minus the unconstitutional NRA
  8. pipes

    Energy usage

    I am paying 9 cents a KWH! using 1144 KW a month my bill is like $116! WTF I think this is a bit high! I thought the US was the middle east of coal! Not to mention that there is a hydro power plant here and there in my area connected to the grid! Why do I feel like I am getting ripped off?
  9. pipes


    my god I couldn't think what that would be like as one of the drivers of those cars!
  10. pipes


    An NES game I played when I was a kid back in the day Hard as hell, but so addicting to try over and over and over again! I tell everyone to play (when you have the free time)! Plus, some of the BEST chiptunes on the NES
  11. pipes

    what are you going to do when gas hits $5

    this will be me here in a few months so you better get use to it!
  12. pipes

    A question

    If "most" people work office hours, then how do people get stuff done during office hours?
  13. pipes

    What's keeping me from linux

    Video games It's like a different operating system vs when it was out in the early 90s. If anything it's better then windows now that the distros have like everything and it can be ported to like everything! Learning the terminal is great for remote control and basic programming! I have...
  14. pipes

    Dear syfy,

    I fucking hate you. Why did you take off Stargate? FUck you! I don't give a damn people hated it and called it Battlestargate, pure boring, or just horrible writing. You got me into it and YOU FUCKING KILL IT OFF AT THE BEST PART! You could have easily edited out drama. Put it in the DVD...
  15. pipes

    The tech network and how I am unplugged

    I am extremely lonely. It's not that I don't have friends, or know people, it's just that I don't talk to them or keep up with the latest bullshit. I don't feel like it's my fault for becoming so disconnected. The cause of my isolation is that I don't, and can't, communicate on the same...
  16. pipes


    I am fucking drunk with no fucking money or a girlfriend. Fuck you world I AM FUCKING DRUNK AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN FUCKING DO ABOUT IT!
  17. pipes

    Dems vs GOP

    Why? It's like spy vs spy. Same shit, different color. News makes it like it's the drama of the decade. WHY CAN'T I VOTE A REAL PROFESSIONAL IN OFFICE? I can't. So I boycotted the elections this year. What is the use when no one represents me, and they are going to do shit if I like it or not...
  18. pipes

    original xbox emulation

    You know, there has been no talk about original xbox emulation. Remember when that kid some time ago make not really an emulator but something of a file converter to play xbox games almost nativity because of the x86 code, a hacked up windows2k OS, and DirectX, but got bought out by microsoft...
  19. pipes

    lol ipad

    They are advertised EVERYWHERE, and given away as a prize in drawings. I haven't seen anyone ever use one, as "trendy" as apple tries to make it. Going to the university, you would think all those trendy motherfuckers would have it here and there, but NOT ONE PERSON... no shit, has one! :lol:
  20. pipes


    god how I hate October. This is the time of year when everyone wants their money or just money in general. It's the end of the year, x-mas is coming up, and the banks are panicking(:rant:). AHHHHHHHHHHHH I DON'T FUCKING HAVE IT !!!JUST LIKE YOU!!! NOW GO AWAY!
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