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    How to Play Wolfenstein 3-D or any DOS / Win 3.1 game on Windows 7

    Note: This guide can be used to play DOS and Windows 3.1 Games in addition to Wolfenstein 3-D. Wolfenstein 3-D Tutorial by: Rezo How to Play Wolfenstein 3-D on Windows 7 Required Files: DosBox 0.74 DOWNLOAD MIRROR Wolfenstein 3-D: DOWNLOAD MIRROR WinRAR Archiver 32BIT...
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    Which Games / Systems Featured Voltron?

    Voltron is having a comeback with a new show, and I'm building a fansite. I'd like to add some honorable mentions of games that featured the hero.. but I've run into a ditch. So far, I found Super Robot Taisen W for the DS (as GoLion) but any ideas as to which other games Voltron appeared in? -Rezo
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    Droid Emulators?

    Hello admin. There is an entire scene dedicated to the preservation of emulators on handhelds. An example: I think it would be nice to include their work... especially because the source is provided to the...
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    After Google terminated the account of this app developer, it came back stronger than ever! Here's the link:
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    UPDATE: PCSX2 v.0.9.8 Released on 01 May 2011

    The PCSX2 section could use an update. The link for the page is here: Updated information: -Rezo
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    Tutorial: Sony Playstation 1 (PSX) Emulator

    Sony Playstation (PSX) Emulator Quick-Start Guide by: Rezo Required Files: ePSXe v1.7.0 DOWNLOAD MIRROR zlib1.dll DOWNLOAD MIRROR OpenGL2 PSX GPU Plugin DOWNLOAD MIRROR SOFT GPU Plugin DOWNLOAD MIRROR PSX BIOS FILE: CREATED FROM YOUR Sony Playstation 1 (PSX) Optional Files: IMGBURN...
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    Tutorial: Sony Playstation 2 Emulator

    PCSX2 v.0.9.7 is available and offers a large selection of compatible games! I wrote a tutorial to assist any users that may be interested in trying it out. PCSX2 v.0.9.7 Quick-Start Guide Required Files: PCSX2 0.9.7 DOWNLOAD MIRROR WinRAR Archiver 32BIT DOWNLOAD MIRROR WinRAR...
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