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  1. shadowdorothy

    On multiple tables files, translation and pointers.

    Thes are some rather interesting questions I have. I know that at times, depending on the game, that a hacker will require multiple table files. And whether the hacker used a program to make the tables or does it by hand, it doesn't change the fact that there are multiple tables and only one...
  2. shadowdorothy

    Hex editor that supports Japanese, somewhat noob friendly.

    So I got myself a fun new problem now. I played around with hex editing Nes, Snes and some gameboy games for the heck of it, and feel like I have a good idea of how to text edit those with a hex editor. Now I wanna try my hand at some small translation. Problem? Hex workshop doesn't know...
  3. shadowdorothy

    Table maker that is incredibly easy to use and runs on windows 7

    Hey all. It's been a while. I took some time to learn a programming language or 3 and decided to get back into hacking. Or at least simple nes text hacking to start. I started following a beginners tutorial, easy enough, till it says I need a table maker. Well the one the tutorial maker had on...
  4. shadowdorothy

    What are some easy to use NES developing programs?

    Hello everyone. I'm back after some time on the lamb as cause by school. Now I'm back and have a few simple questions that I hope you fine folks could answer for me. Is there a program that will allow me to make a nes type game, but with vocal audio? I suppose a better way to put this is; Is...
  5. shadowdorothy

    iplayer issues

    so I have an iplayer and I have tried everything to get the gba emulator to work. and it never gets past the loading screen. helpful info; I have installed the files from en plug-ins folder into the plug in folder on the micro sd card I have put the roms in the gamepak folder I'm running...
  6. shadowdorothy

    old system emulation carts

    so, um... Does anyone know where to get older system flash carts? or where I can get the parts to make them? specifically NES, SNES, N64, GB-GBA, gamegear, or sega genesis. I'm also looking for reasonable prices. anything over $30 is way to much. $15-25 is a better limit. If it means I have to...
  7. shadowdorothy

    emulators for other systems on the DS

    this is a simple question, despite the thread name. what are ALL of the emulators for other systems on DS. I mean every system ever made. big question, but it is simple to answer. i only know of these WINDS Lameboy CnygnusDS Atari 800XLDS SegDS NesDS SenmulDS those are the ones I know about. I...
  8. shadowdorothy

    little help with script extractors

    so how do I get a script extractor to extract just that? in meaning words. I can get a script extractor to extract binary and Hex, but I want words, not # and letter combo's. is there a way to do that? and to get it to extract in Japanese so i can translate it to English? I have no idea on...
  9. shadowdorothy

    a bunch of good questions.

    so I thought of some good questions, and an idea. 1: is it possible to bind hex values? aka make 2 hex strings = 2 or more letters? or just a word. this is also the idea if it hasn't been done yet. 2: how do you use blank space in a rom? you know those values that have no use but to take up...
  10. shadowdorothy

    Atari emulators for the DS?

    are there atari emulators for the DS? anything from 400 to 7200 is good. and maybe the lynx system too.
  11. shadowdorothy

    just a small question

    So the hex and binary editor I use doesn't recognize japanese characters. I need to be able to see these Japanese characters to put them in my text doc before I make a .tbl file. the program I use is Hex Workshop Hex Editor and I wondering if there are programs better then this that are still...
  12. shadowdorothy

    use your computer as an xbox?

    So me and my friends where talking and one of them says "I can use my pc as an xbox." When I ask him how he does this he told me "you need 256mb processor, 2gb of hard drive space and a 512 video card." I'm going to try this on my system. But does anyone else now if anything else is needed to do...
  13. shadowdorothy

    Funniest games

    So in your alls opinion, whats the funniest game you ever played/or heard of? For me it's "Jesus - Kyoufu no Bio Monster" Why? well the fact that the games title says Jesus and Bio Monster leads me to very funny thoughts. I don't know what Kyoufu means, but the fact that it has the name Jesus...
  14. shadowdorothy

    system spec's for Atari

    I was wondering if anyone knows where to find system spec's (like processor's motherboard type and chips) used in any Atari system (from 800- Jaguar 2) because I'm interested in doing whats know as a cereal box console. Pretty much it's where you build an old console from scratch and see if you...
  15. shadowdorothy

    text ripper?

    Because all I want to do is translate I'm wondering if there are any programs that can rip the text directly (like dialog and menus) from the game and have the ripped stuff in English or Japanese characters. I can't find any current up to date script rippers. So if any one knows of a good one...
  16. shadowdorothy

    Old game systems emulated on the NDS?

    I wondering if it's possible to emulate non-nintendo games on the NDS. I know with an R4DS (or your homebrew cartridge of choice) you can emulate the nes snes gb and gbc. But can you emulate an Atari, commodore, or Sega system on the DS? I wondering this because I never have a lot of time to sit...
  17. shadowdorothy

    need some help with stuff

    so i'm new to hacking, sort of. i know what a patch and batch files are, but i don't know how to make them. i have absolutely no idea how to use a text editor and if a text editor can be used one on certain games (like translating a Japanese game to English with a text editor) can it be done...
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