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    KSS music files, where?

    I've had a hell of a time locating KSS game music archives on the web. I'm looking for something like here on Zophar, with a list of a few hundred games and links that download the file directly (or even an archive of a bunch of KSS music). I just want to be able to download them easily and have...
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    SNES NTSC Video Filter

    Today I had an idea of how the SNES NTSC composite video output might work. After a couple of hours I've got output very close to what my video capture gets from a SNES. Apparently it's very similar to the NES. Since I recently optimized my NES NTSC filter code to run many times faster than...
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    Game Music Box for Mac OS

    I'm working on a new game music player for Mac OS X (and Mac OS 9) called Game Music Box. It supports playlists of Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and Master System music (SPC, NSF/NSFE, GBS, VGM, GYM) with transparent decompression of zip, gzip, and RAR archives. It also...
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    New SPC Compression?

    I've written an SPC compressor and would like comments on it. The main motivation for creating it was to have the compression benefits of RAR archives while having individual files for each track for easier browsing and playlist creation. The compressor takes the directory of SPCs from a given...
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    TMNT 1 GBS Ripped

    I have finished ripping the music from TMNT 1 for GameBoy. I would like to have a few people verify that it works properly in GBS players before I submit it to the GBS archive here. Tracks 4 and 6 are the only good ones, IMO :) <P ID="signature"></P>
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    GYM trimmer command-line tool (trim_gym)

    I haven't been able to get any e-mail through to (very frustrating) so I'm just posting this here so it can get added. I wrote a SEGA Genesis GYM music file trimmer command-line tool. I've trimmed a few files and tested them with my player. Here is the source for the trim tool, in...
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