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    When you see it...

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    Anyone have my old avatar?

    You know, the picture of me with the ICP facepaint on? I've combed the entire Internet... no luck. :(
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    Two peanuts walk into a bar

    One was a salted.
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    Intense Debate

    I do NOT like waffles.
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    Elazul's Pad is up

    For those of you who remember it, it's back up: It's not much more active than ZMD is these days, but I just wanted to throw that info out there.
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    After All 6 Have Risen, The End Will Consume Us All

    chiefmonkey here, I was the one under the name White Light Brown. New users might not remember me, but I was a fairly active member in 2002-2004.
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    Remember the boss battle from Super Mario World?

    Remember the dramatic music when Bowser came into the screen from the side in his clown car? Remember how fucking exciting that was as a child? Remember how many times you jumped into the goddamn propeller or was faked out by the car's movements? Remember when every other floor tile had a fire...
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    Would you lick a vagina for 1 million dollars?

    Should get a completely different response to this one.
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    Who the fuck are you people?

    I sell industrial electrical supplies. (Crouse-Hinds, Appleton, Square D, etc) I live in Louisiana (but I am more black cultured than Cajun), I am married and I have 3 kids.
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    Rap: Duck Down

    Me and my friend Mike are working on a gangsta rap song called "Duck Down." I haven't officially put down my part yet, but I rapped a live demo into my phone today while driving. It's fast as shit, I think I did pretty good on this. _hGpFMuEyDg URL:
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    Finnish the Story thread

    I underestimated how stagnant this place is these days. Are me, pipes, Inverse, and Brad the only motherfuckers posting...? Anyway, maybe this will help, it's a "finish the story" thread. You know the rules. A dog walks into a liquor store, when
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    Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

    Not to add another food thread, but... I've been cooking good grilled cheese sandwiches my entire life. Tonight I googled to see if there were any tips on how to make a better one. Some sites had ridiculous shit that I can't afford/do, like using sourdough bread or by hand shredding white...
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    Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    LA Lakers 21, Baltimore Orioles 14
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    Debate: Best Time Zone

    GMT-6, bitches. Central Time for life!
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    Fast Food French Fries Debate

    McDonald's - Perfection when hot and fresh, but tasteless ass once cool Burger King - Probably would be worth a fuck if they would salt them. Jack in the Box - Seasoned curly fries are the shit, but only if greasy Wendy's - Nah, too fucking potato-ey. Sonic - Average quality, but bonus...
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    Cereal Thread!! Let's go!

    Honey Bunches of Oats - The original kind Fruity Pebbles - fuck yeah, way better than Cocoa Anything with fucking RAISINS! AWW YEAH Lucky Charms Smacks
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    my nuts *nt*

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