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    Ojamajo Doremi - English translation

    I have chosen to keep to standard English in my translation for Sega Pico, PlayStation and PC List Games (Sega Pico) Ojamajo Doremi Sharp Motto! Ojamajo Doremi Ojamajo Doremi Dokkan! List Games (PlayStation) Oja Majo Doremi Sharp: Mahodou Dance Carnival! Motto! Oja Majo Doremi: Mahodou Smile...
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    Gunstar Heroes (Game Gear) English translation

    A toy like Golvellius Valley of Doom, without a two-player mode. It is interesting that the guys who left the aforementioned company and previously worked on Gunstar Heroes wrote it. The new form, Treasure (treasure) showed everyone exactly how to make iconic shooting! Tempting graphics, and a...
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    Alex Kidd in Miracle World translation

    I have moved your translation post in this topic
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    [GG2SMS] Double Dragon

    Double Dragon (Game Gear version) V1.0 GG2SMS - Full palette conversion - Start "Down Arrow" 2nd controller - Left colum blank active (Wrong fix) - Fixed Checksum $0017C: $36
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    Request - Graceful Jewels (RoyalGames)

    I was surprised to see that this game doesn't have its soundtrack available anywhere, I think it sounds really good and I'm addicted to the theme.
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