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  1. Mental Midget Slayer


    Nederlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hup!!!!!!!! Hup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-0 Winners! 3 Pts (group) Ned 3 Pts Jap 0 Pts Cam (Cam will at least tie Denmark I think). 0 Pts Den Pardon it's Nipon so 3 pts Nip.
  2. Mental Midget Slayer

    What ever happened to....

    Astrocreep 2000? Been some time. Or Mr. Burtenshaw aka Harry Tuttle.
  3. Mental Midget Slayer

    Can't make a promise....

    But I may have something in mind, I may have triumphant return to Rom Hacking in the works. Nice tools lately. Best,
  4. Mental Midget Slayer

    Square/Enix Wants Your Brain to Shrink

    When I remember Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest in my day and RPGs coming out now that read and narrate it too you, it occurs to me that the video game industry is destined to promote illiteracy. My reading got a boost out of Dragon Warrior, why, no reading and no advancement and no...
  5. Mental Midget Slayer

    Third Party Hostility!: Why Brown?

    Joseph Kennedy, please run again (not Ted's son). An independent, if the tea party and liberty campaigns are serious they may help. (newest libertarian party)
  6. Mental Midget Slayer

    Code Monkeys DVD S1

    If you haven't seen it, your missing out. The DVD of season one is visually better and just as funny, well funnier with the prank ads. Also Duckman is fully available and that is still the funniest damn thing. 1. Duckman 2. Shin Chan 3. Code Monkeys 4. South Park Then Drinky Crow and...
  7. Mental Midget Slayer

    Spawn 2 or Remake by MacFarlane.

    A second Spawn in 2011, seems very happy to say he is in total control of it. Feminist PC mutilation (like Priest in place of Bishop) still? Who knows, I don't have an IMDB Pro account. Real question, why no Shadow Hawk?
  8. Mental Midget Slayer

    Bloodlust Page: Humor and Games

    New site, needs changing from old location: Man I always liked his morose ways, sort of things I work on.
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