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    Reversing a N64 controller to PC adapter

    So, heres what I'd like to do: Create a interface between one of my N64's controller <u>ports</u> (not the controller itself), and a PC's parallel port. If I did enough coding, this could allow me to: * Use the PC to control games (this could mean using a joystick/pad/wheel hooked up to the...
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    N64 Backup Units in Australia?

    I'm looking to buy a N64 backup unit, and attempting to do some programming for the N64. Does anyone know a good place to get these in Australia? I had a look on, nothing. I've found this one place in Brisbane called http://www.blade.ccBlade</a>...
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    popping balloons

    my step-mother just had a party of some sort, and there are a whole heap of balloons stuck on the walls, and while sitting here, i suddenly overcome by a want to pop them all. i popped a couple, but i think she wants them all to stay there (everything else from the party was cleaned up), so i...
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    qwertyqwertyuiop;asf 0987654321;';'p0-p[;'/ !#$3!2312!2
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    NTSC game on a PAL N64? I'm considering bidding on this, but I dont know if i could make it work in a PAL (n64) system. From what ive read, it is possible to play Japanese games in a non-japanese (problay tried with an ntsc)...
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    Now Google has a 'white christmas' theme, even on .au *nt*

    nt = ninja turtles <P ID="signature">Breadcrust Click me!, you know you want to... </P>
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    not a good day...

    depressed, confused and pissed off. perl can kiss my ass <P ID="signature">Breadcrust Click me!, you know you want to... </P>
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    Has anybody had huge problems with firefox?

    so, just curious, but has Firefox (+ extensions) screwed up anything but itself for anybody or has anybody heard of this happening before? me and a wintroll were talking and he was saying that he doesnt want his business to support anything but IE because thats the only product they can...
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    How much for a broken PS2?

    OK, this is what I want to do, get a black PC case, buy 3 broken PS2s or so, and use these PS2s to mod the case to look like a PS2 (with a windows+blue lights) and hopfully have enough working PS2 parts to also have a working PS2 inside my computer. so, im going to put a 'Wanted' ad in the...
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    News item?

    From the SDL mailing list: ___________________________________________ Hello everyone. I would like to let you people know that we have released a new version of the Atari Jaguar emulator named Virtual Jaguar/SDL. It took almost a year before we thought that Virtual Jaguar/SDL v1.0.7 was...
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    cdrom drive not working

    I have a samsung cdrom drive that has decided to stop working after i put it in someones computer. now it wont work on any computers. it attempts to read cds but it cant. i opened it up to have had a look. the cd spins and the lens moves around, but i took the motor out to have a look and it...
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    Getting a new laptop

    Well I really need one so Im going to get one things i need: * NVIDIA GPU * not too expensive * hardware with decent support for Linux (Nvidia also falls uner this ;-) things i want: * AMD CPU * pretty good battery life or cheap batterys things i would like: * to play recent games pretty well...
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    Smileys on birthday ages :-?

    ive noticed that when some people have birthdays they have a smiley for their age. wtf? how do they do this? is it just an <img/> tag in your profile's age field? <P ID="signature">Breadcrust </P>
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    External SNES APU

    from a recent slashdot article: cool :-) <P ID="signature">Breadcrust </P>
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    take that internet exploder firefox is slowly but steaderily gaining on microsoft. i cant wait for 15% <img src=smilies/thumb.gif> <P ID="signature">Breadcrust </P>
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    First version of firefox you ever used?

    With all the talk of Firefox at these forums i just thought it would be interesting to see what version of Firefox/Firebird/Phonix(!) people here first started using. For me it was Firebird 0.6 (Linux) <P ID="signature">Breadcrust </P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by breadcrust on...
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    PokeText replacement bank files

    I have made up some replacement Gold and Silver bank files for PokeText. could someone put this on zd?, thanks <P ID="signature">Breadcrust </P> C:Serverxampphtdocszopharoldwwwthreadsattachmentspokeedit-gsbanks-010.tar.bz2
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    the first real and only vb programming i ever do...

    ok, for a school programming project, me and 3 other guys are making a game. im writting the core in c++, while the other three are writing the 'modules' in visual basic. the modules will just be complied programs that the core starts and connects to first through a tcp port, then through a udp...
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    Pokemon Gold/Silver music editing

    the music on pokemon is pretty lame and i would like to change it in a hack im doing to some better music (somewhere along the lines of electronic and punk/alternative rock) is this possible?, has it been done before? if so are there any docs on it <P ID="signature">Breadcrust </P>
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    new member

    yeah im a new member w00t! ^_^ <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif><img src=smilies/cwm11.gif><img src=smilies/flipa.gif><img src=smilies/director.gif><img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif><img src=smilies/thumb.gif><img src=smilies/2gunsfiring_v1.gif><img src=smilies/moon.gif> <img...
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