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    Anyone use Hugo with linux?

    I can't get the thing to run at all. I've downloaded the tar off of zophar and put it into a /games/emulation/pcengine directory. Now, if I open the executable from a file browser a window will pop up briefly then go away, I can't really do anything the with the install script. if I run it...
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    Any way to macro the monitor/tv toggle?

    I have a TV out card (nVidia) and I was wondering if there is a way I caould set up things to so I go directly from Monitor to TV, or vice versa, with a couple keystrokes (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-t-v) , or with a shortcut button on my desktop. Thanks in advance. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Is there any documentation on FF3j?

    Something similar to the FFBytes documentation for FF1. I'm thinking about doing a hack of FF3j hack which implimented a higher order Red Wizard... like how the Warlock is a higher order black wizard. I imagine it would be pretty easy if I cannibalized one of the less poplar classes like Bard...
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    Can anyone help me with a litlle C64 Emulation?

    I've found a game (Phantasie III) held on two disc images. How exactly do I go about playing it? I can go into a directory and attach one or the other disc images to drive 8, or maybe one to 8 and one to 9... but then what? I'm just stuck at a command prompt, knowing none of the commands...
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