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  1. Sliver-X

    Gravity Armor Metal Storm

    Gravity Armor Metal Storm is the japanese version of the game released stateside as "Metal Storm". A cinematic intro was removed (As well as the end boss dialogue), the game made a little easier and virtually all colors were changed for the North American release. This patch translates the...
  2. Sliver-X

    Desktop Thread: 12/2008

    Look at that Core i7 920 churn!
  3. Sliver-X

    Please do something about a hack of mine on the site.

    I did a Final Fantasy hack with some people a while ago, and the initial release was posted on ZD: However, there've been subsequent releases that addressed a metric ton of problems with said release, and I submitted the...
  4. Sliver-X

    Dragoon X Omega II - Final 2

    Fixes all known bugs that have been discovered by myself and those that have been reported to me. Also touches up some small things that annoyed me, and is far more polished than the original 1.0 release from 2006 (Which is what's on this site). Patch
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