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  1. Isildur

    Google search auto-complete

    I thought of putting this in the funny link/joke/image repository thread, but figured this should probably go in its own if I'm going to post this many, rather than flood that thread. Today, and also a few days ago (which accounts for the special Google logo in some of the pics), I was fooling...
  2. Isildur

    Student Facing 10 Years For Modding Game Consoles

    Student Facing 10 Years For Modding Game Consoles
  3. Isildur

    birthday notifications

    Could we maybe have the birthday notifications show up on the page, too? That's the bookmark I go to whenever i check ZMD. Or does the "friend" thing automatically alert one of birthdays with a popup or anything? Haven't tried the "friend"...
  4. Isildur


    Out of curiosity, any other ZMDers here? I'm across the street getting a bite right now (and bumming some wifi), but I'll be heading over to the OC Remix panel once my burger finally arrives and I get a chance to scarf it down. Later I'll probably be at the Go workshop*, so If you see a dark...
  5. Isildur


    Lately I've been following (in no particular order) Girl Genius Count Your Sheep XKCD (despite a good frend of mine witnessing the author acting like an arrogant ass at a certain tiny convention =P ) What webcomics are you currently following?
  6. Isildur

    Edit time limit

    Should a time limit perhaps be instituted for editing posts, as I believe we had on wwwthreads? Gutted threads like this one (and even some less extreme examples) can leave latecoming thread readers wondering "Wtf?". Additionally, if people know that their words will be permanent, they might...
  7. Isildur

    With which registrars and hosts have you had good or bad experiences?

    Any of you who have a site of your own: Like the topic says, what have been your experiences with various DN registrars and website hosts?
  8. Isildur

    Wolfram Research is clearly staffed by super-intelligent mice

    WolframAlpha is a much-anticipated new question-answering engine that's being publicly tested this weekend (with some outages for tweaking likely) ahead of its Monday launch. I threw a few questions at it, including this one. It's working pretty well, I have to say. :bigthumbup: edited again...
  9. Isildur

    Wow, ICANN may finally do something to end domain tasting???

    slashdot: ICANN Takes a Step Toward Ending Domain Tasting It's taken them forever to address this massive abuse of the domain registration system.
  10. Isildur

    Begun, the robot revolution has To add insult to injury, the guy's buddies are never going to let him live down the fact that the robot thought his head looked indistinguishable from a large rock.
  11. Isildur

    It was the thought that counted, I guess.

    Haircut: $15 New pair of sneakers: $75 New, better-fitting pants: $30 Not getting mistaken again in Washington Square Park for a homeless man, like I was today, by a guy who walked up from behind (and thus didn't see that the only reason I was standing still by a garbage can was to throw out...
  12. Isildur

    Late Night

    Is it just me or has it become almost unwatchable? Granted, Conan would be a hard act for almost anyone to follow, but I never really found Fallon very funny or charming to begin with. I tried watching Fallon hosting Late Night a number of times, but lately if I'm up and I need some humor to...
  13. Isildur


    What are yours? Some of mine: Go: My father taught me the basics when I was a kid, but it didn't really catch me at the time, partly because I didn't know of any other people to play it with. A number of years later, the anime Hikaru no Go rekindled my interest in the game, and I started...
  14. Isildur

    Language rule

    Just for clarification: I assume the spelling rule applies only to regular non-ironic use that makes an entire post a royal pain to read, not to brief tongue-in-cheek use of poor spelling. amirite? e.g. jokes like: Original post: Yesterday I had to cut down a branch that had partially snapped...
  15. Isildur

    Happy Thanksgiving! *NT*

    *Numnum, Turkey!*
  16. Isildur

    ZD logo

    One little thing has been bothering me, because I can be anally obsessive about stupid little details: The current version of the ZD logo. The image background doesn't quite match the black page background, there's a faint line artifact towards the image's bottom, and the way the glow gets cut...
  17. Isildur

    Anyone else going to AnimeNext?

    Perhaps it's a little late to ask this, but out of curiosity is anybody going to AnimeNext today? I decided at the last minute to join some friends of mine who are going. <P ID="signature"><center> <a href=><img src=
  18. Isildur

    Happy Birthday Evil Peer!

    <p align=center> <font size=+5 face= "Script MT Bold, TypoUpright BT, Script">Happy Birthday!</font> <marquee direction=left scrollamount=8></marquee> <tt> ΛΛ /\/\ _/¯—_\__/¯—_\_ ( `---′ )( `---′ ) / \/ \ \_^ ^_/\_^ ^_/ __\ /____\ /__ / `O′ \/ `O′ \ ∏∏ ∏∏ ∏∏ ∏_∏_ \\_))\\_)) ‘—’‘—’ </tt></p> <P...
  19. Isildur

    Might as well make this semester a fun one

    ...since it'll hopefully be my last. I just need a few more credits to graduate, so I figured what the hey, I'll pick some stuff I enjoy. My classes this semester include "Japinese Anime and New Media" and "Special Topics in Computer Science: Building Robots". So yeah, this semester I'll be...
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