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    GBS new format?

    I used to download here @ ZD gbs file as a zip archive with 3 files: 1 .gbs 1 .gb 1 .frm And they worked wonderfully with my Kobarin Media Player. I have downloaded some gbs recently and they only consist in one .GBS file and my chiptune player can not read them anymore. Did the gbs format...
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    looking for 64th note v1.1

    HI COULD SOMEONE UPLOAD THE VERSION 1.1 OF 64TH NOTE PLUGIN BINARIES oups sorry caplock the latest version of 64th note is incompatible with Kobarin media player TIA
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    rupee hack in zelda twilight princess

    I look for a rupee hack that would convert the rupee limit from 300,600,1000 to 3000,6000,10000 Any help is appreciated TIA
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    nintendo64 roms: how to hack pal games to play at 60Hz

    Hello dudes, I need some help. There are a couple of N64 pal games I'd like to play at 60hz So, first I need to localize the region switch in the rom or something But the N64 pal games had their music adjusted to play at normal speed So if I just switch to 60Hz, the music will sound faster...
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