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  1. SivakDrac

    Cable modem power cycles with large media/files

    As of late, I've seen my modem power cycling whenever I try to watch videos on some sites or do large file downloads. I've tried manually unplugging things myself (battery too), but no help. It stays on just fine for anything else. I'm wondering if the ISP has something on their end with...
  2. SivakDrac

    Anyone have vector graphic know-how?

    OK... I have Flash MX (the 2002 one) and what I'm basically doing is this: I'm trying to make up a vector PDF that has as few rasterized graphics as possible. I have my art object drawn up in an FLA. I am then able to export it into an AI file (albeit with the wrong colors, but hopefully this...
  3. SivakDrac

    Now this is a video game sale

    $20,100. I guess a collector's game is worth more than a car or two these days. Hehe. - Image of it Here's the auction itself...
  4. SivakDrac

    Public demo rom of my NES game

    Just figured I'd post this here too. I made up a demo rom of the game I've been making. - File Have fun. Don't die.
  5. SivakDrac

    Let's play my old MM2 hack, Bass 2

    Hey all. Way back in 2001 this was the site that hosted my old rom hack The Adventures of Bass 2. After having obtained a mic and doing some commentary videos on playing a game called Pools of Darkness, I went ahead and started one on this. No save states/cheats...
  6. SivakDrac

    Good microphones?

    I've been thinking of getting a microphone at some point and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? I might like a headset, though one you can clip onto your shirt would be good (these are called "lapel mics", yes?) Also, cost is a factor. I don't want to spend more than $20...
  7. SivakDrac

    Good PSX XA players/rippers?

    I figured I'd ask... What programs are good at playing/ripping XA files these days? It's been a while and I recall there being quite a few programs don't seem to want to play the audio from the beginning or skip over other audio, so I just wanted to find one that works correctly. Thanks.
  8. SivakDrac

    FC3 plus - anyone have it?

    I just heard of this new system that has 3 slots: NES, SNES, and Genesis. That seems like a cool concept. I just wondered if anyone has this thing and can say good/bad things? Obvious bad things would include the fact it can't play some games.
  9. SivakDrac

    Video demo of my untitled platform homebrew game

    In case anyone is interested, I'm doing another project, but this time it's a platformer. Much harder to code than simple puzzles.
  10. SivakDrac

    imagination.mp3 - A file I think I got here

    I was browsing my MP3 directory and came across this file called imagination.mp3... It has no ID3, but for whatever reason I recall getting this file on these forums a while ago. The file's last modify date was February 17, 2003... The song is basically a dance track with no lyrics though...
  11. SivakDrac

    Homebrew NES game by me (demo)

    I've been messing around with 6502 programming and have made a game that's getting there in terms of completion. Anyway, the game is pretty simple. Be the one who takes the last gem from the screen to win. The computer AI will beat you if you make a wrong move. It plays up to around level 12...
  12. SivakDrac

    Weird memtest situation

    I got in some new RAM and I made sure to use Memtest after putting it in. I have 4 RAM slots, and these two I got in filled the empty 2 spots that I had. Anyway, tests 1-8 checked out fine. Test 10, however, reported 3 errors... I took out the two new ones and ran the tests against the two...
  13. SivakDrac

    CMD prompt, graphics mode, and no response from keyboard

    I was trying to run a DOS app and it doesn't accept any keyboard input while it's in graphics mode. It does this for any DOS program too. The only option is to force the CMD window to close and send error reports to microsoft. WinXP Pro is the OS. Any thoughts? <P...
  14. SivakDrac

    Nintendo DS - Yay or nay?

    I've been wondering about getting one of these things and just want to know if it's worth it and how long the system will be supported? FF3 DS looks nice. I know you can play GBA titles on there, which is cool. <P ID="signature"><HR> my Mega...
  15. SivakDrac

    Looking for an LCD.

    Well, I want to get a new monitor sometime. My 15" CRT has worked fine for these past 5 years, but I want something newer. I want to get a 19" non-widescreen LCD with a black border around the display. I just want to know if any brand is better or what the folks here think and prefer. <P...
  16. SivakDrac

    Q on Final Fantasy V hardware

    I was inquiring someone about making a playable board in English on this game but I need to know if this game uses something called DSP (digitial signal processor). Does anyone know or know where I might find specs on SNES carts? <P...
  17. SivakDrac

    Accessing My Computer is horribly slow

    Well, topic says all. I double click and it can take like 10 seconds just to display the icons and such. All other activity is fine. Any ideas? <P ID="signature"><HR> my Mega Man page</A> - Sivak Drac</P>
  18. SivakDrac

    Chrono Trigger SPCs

    I recently was playing a real cart and got up to Lavos and noticed that the track was a lot longer and expanded from what you normally hear. It actually is what you get on the soundtrack. So I loaded up the rom under the same conditions and it was expanded. So my question is, I think there's...
  19. SivakDrac

    Need to get UNIX

    Ok. I got this project and the requirements state: It must be done on UNIX and must compile using G++ on a Sun workstation. What can I do about getting UNIX? I've seen the instructor using something called PuTTY, but that's some telnet client that accesses something else using UNIX. <P...
  20. SivakDrac

    Buy my rom hack for $100!!!!

    This was WAY too funny. I'm not the one selling this either. Yes, it's true, I had my rom hack placed into an actual playable cart by someone, but for $25. If someone gets this and doesn't figure out that NES prototypes were not made in 2004, then that'll be hilarious...
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