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    self-rebooting pc

    Alrighty, here's my problem as of late. My computer has been rebooting itself at varying intervals, that dont really seem to have any set pattern (potentially the only part that has any sort of pattern is it seems to reboot during the morning system scan, although it doesn't always do so, so...
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    I'm posting this from my Wii.

    It's a bit annoying to use the onscreen keyboard <P ID="signature">--- do you buy stuff from</a>? if you do, help a bro out and buy from that link :) </P>
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    goodbye lik-sang</a>. Now, I myself have never used lik-sang (play-asia ftw imo), but I think this is incredibly fucking stupid. Fuck Sony I say. <P ID="signature">--- do you buy stuff from</a>? if you do...
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    an arwing in zelda? ftw in Zelda OoT</a> If only it was seeable in the game without codes (it's there, but its never used, much like the battle 2 music in Chrono Trigger).
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    media player classic and wmv

    My problem goes something like this: Before I formatted (today), media player classic would play wmv files fine, though it wouldn't load flash files (not that i particularly care about those). I dont recall installing anything special for this to happen. Now, after formatting and reinstalling...
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    some birthday this was.

    plain and simple. today was my 21st, and i haven't seen (or even got a text message) from any of my friends saying happy b-day. gotta say that really makes me feel great. what a sucky day.<img src=smilies/2gunsfiring_v1.gif>
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    i dont know about you... i want one of these</a>. is it just me or does it look totally awesome?
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    nintendo's e3 press conference

    i just watched a live stream of it. OMFG is all i have to say, it was creamingly beautiful. those who saw it, what did you think? i'm so totally jealous of the people who get the DS video of twilight princess. only thing they didn't show was the revolutions control, which sucked a little...
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    Zsnes zmv archive

    This would be very handy for the Zsnes zmv archive: How about having the authors include the version of Zsnes that the movie was recorded with? I say this because from what I've read and such, all Zsnes versions have different internal timing or something to that effect, and what might play...
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    police academy movies

    I was watching a couple of these movies earlier (3 and 4), and is it just me, or are these movies damn good? Seriously, these movies are great (I'd almost say they're classic), and some of the parts are just hilarious. Now I gotta see if I can find em on region 4 dvd, cause they provided me...
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    good defragger for win9x

    Exactly as the topic states, what's a good (prefferably free, or at least with a trial period with which I can defrag my drive) defragger? I get the feeling that my drive is considerably fragged (last defrag would've been 3+ months ago, and I download torrents a fair lot), so can anyone point...
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