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    NES Mapper 20

    One single question. Is there any NES emulator that supports mapper 20?
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    VGM format v1.50; in_vgm v0.33

    Check this: Now in_vgm has new support for the now more compact VGM v1.50. This means that now VGMs can be as compact as optimized GYMs. Here's the application to optimize your old Genesis VGMs...
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    New SNES sound format?

    Why not? Anyone thought of making a new PSF (portable sound format) music format for SNES directly from the rom? That could solve problems like leaving out beta songs hidden inside the game, as well as undumplable SPCs (like Wario's Woods). If it ever gets a format, I suggest the extensions...
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    GBS load address?

    I'm trying to make a new .GB file out of Donkey Kong Land's .GBS file (the one you got in your GBS page doesn't work properly). I got all necessary tools, but in the readme file (see GBS page, GBS to GB instructions) it says "Set the load address in the source to the GBS file's load address"...
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    VGM for Genesis: Suggestions

    Don't you think there should be a VGM section for Sega Genesis Music? After all, it has better features than the GYM format (like looping). Also, for the maker of the VGM at, don't you think there should be a more compact format than the VGZ (the G-zipped VGM), based on the RAR...
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    Gamecube Music?

    First was PSF, then USF, then GSF. What's next? Maybe the next sound format should be the Gamecube Sound Format (call it GCM). Is there any chance in the future to make that kind of format? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    GBS to GSF?

    What the title says. It would be an interesting conversion to make, unless they add gbs support for the next Highly Advanced version. What do you say? Also, shouldn't there be an automated ripper for GBS? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Emulators for SNES?

    Have you ever thought of the idea of making an emulator for SNES? Due to its capabilities, I think it can only emulate NES, GB (it's official), and other inferior systems. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    N64 Emu and plugins for my PC

    Can anyone tell me what's the proper N64 emulator for my PC? Plug-ins? As far as I know, my PC is a Celeron 1.7Ghz, and my videocard is an S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR (32MB). System Memory is 256MB, plus I use Directx 9.0. Anyone can help me please? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    GBA Game fixes

    I need some help with these game, I may need some kind of patches to fix them: Classic NES Super Mario Bros. (it won't work, shows error message) Pokémon Fire Red (Save error) <P ID="signature"></P>
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