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  1. dangwoot

    Fuse PSP

    Hello everyone i have an update for Fuse the sinclair zx emulator for the psp here's whats new in this version... # Fixed a bug in the sound rendering engine that would cause occasional slowdowns # Added various game image types missing from the initial release # New virtual keyboard # Added...
  2. dangwoot

    Wiibrew Snes9xGX 002: Classic Controller and Nunchuk support, configurable controller

    A new version is out for the popular Snes9X emulator, this time from Wii homebrew developer michniewski. Called Snes9xGX, this emulator has support for the Wiimote, as well as the nunchuk and the Wii Classic Controller. What's neat is that all the controllers in this emulator can be configured...
  3. dangwoot

    PSP Homebrew: Fuse, a Sinclair Spectrum Emulator

    Homebrew developer uberjack does it again. Already responsible for several emulators for the PSP - including ColEm, fMSX, and Caprice32 - uberjack now gives us a Free Unix Spectrum Emulator - otherwise known as Fuse - a Sinclair Spectrum emulator. The Sinclair Spectrum system had a lot of games...
  4. dangwoot

    PicoDrive PSP v1.51 - includes bugfixes

    Notaz, the PSP homebrew developer who came up with the Sega Genesis and Sega CD emulator, PicoDrive, managed to release an update that tweaks the emulator's mp3 tool among others. Now in version 1.51, users of PicoDrive will see improved performance, as well as a revised bin_to_cso_mp3 tool...
  5. dangwoot

    Basilisk II PSP Port test release 8

    A new test release for the homebrew Mac emulator on the PlayStation Portable recently went live. Developer J.F. announced that Basilisk II PSP Port test release 8 is now available for download and sports more improvements than ever. Similar to the previous release, this one concentrates on...
  6. dangwoot

    Happy birthday Cornellius From The Content Managers

    I just wanted to say on behalf of the content managers Happy Birthday you turn 25 today im 23 myself so you got a few years on me so smoke a big fat one and have a beer and enjoy the heck outta your birthday!
  7. dangwoot

    PSPCAP32 v1.4.1: now with support for two drives

    Zx-81 has come out with a new version of his Amstrad CPC emulator, dubbed PSPCAP32. PSPCAP32 v1.4.1 comes with two changes, which you can view below: * Bug fix in CRTC emulation (games such as Prehistorik II just couldn't be launched) * Two drives (A & B) are now supported, but only...
  8. dangwoot

    fMSX v3.5.35: an MSX emulator for the PSP

    Homebrew developer uberjack has updated fMSX to version 3.5.35. For those who aren't too familiar with this program, it is essentially an MSX emulator for the Sony PlayStation Portable. According to the release post, this version of the application is essentially a bug-fix release. Here's a...
  9. dangwoot

    [PSP]PicoDrive v1.50: Sega Pico support, performance improvements, more

    PSP homebrew developer notaz has released a new version of PicoDrive, a Sega Genesis / MegaDrive / SegaCD emulator for the PSP. Actually, you can now add another platform on that list, the Sega Pico. The Sega Pico was an electronic toy released by Sega in the early 90's. Its games were mostly...
  10. dangwoot

    DOSBox PSP version 07/06/08

    An update from the PS2Dev Forums says that homebrew developer CrazyC has improved the DOSBox PSP, which apart from the fixes applied in version 06/25/08, version 07/06/08 (we named it MM/DD/YY for your reference) now flexes itself better in certain avenues of performance. Or at least -...
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