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    Testing attachment

    Myspace is acting funny (damn Myspace!) and I need to post a song. Any moderators, this is only temporary. I'll notify when I am finished. My bandspace is <P ID="signature">CAUTION: Do NOT feed the metroids!</P>
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    Restricting programs/applications for one user account?

    For more than a half a year I have designated one user account for my videogames running them under a front end called GameEx. For the longest time, when playing games, I have been bothered by popups and various programs which interrupt my game play. I have been trying to figure out if I can...
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    A way to fix sound for older games (old SB)

    Someone gave me the Epic Pinball series, but because it uses the old Sound Blaster settings, and I'm running on the Dell Inspiron sound card, the sound is all skippy. I've had this problem with War Craft II in the past as well. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this, like some kind of...
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    Who's responsible for RockBox?

    Hey guys! I'm doing a technical paper on some sort of engineering innovation and I want to use RockBox as my topic. If you don't know, RockBox is an open-source music firmware replacement ported to many different music players including iPod, iRiver, and a few others ( I need to...
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    Anyone here savy with turntables? Looking for a nice cartrige/stylus...

    Right now I have a standard Shure brand M25C cartridge with the standard M25C stylus. I want a really nice stylus, or cartridge with stylus, with great bass response, clear and clean treble, clean sound, good price (nothing over 200 bucks), and lasts a long time (which prolly means it needs to...
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    Black screen flickering when I play Snes9x

    This is the special version though, the one with the filter. I am having this specific problem though. Every now and then there will be a random black flicker on the screen, like I'm being John Malcovich and he's blinking his eyes while I'm playing a game. Does anyone here know why I'm...
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    Looking for software to remove filename prefixes from multiple files

    I am currently looking myself on Google, but I don't see anything yet. I am looking for software to remove filename prefixes of random 4-digit numbers within hundreds of filenames. As of now, these numbers are placed through the files in random order so that I currently have NO way or...
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    A few questions, most importantly for ZSNES sprite rendering.

    I have a few emulation questions. First off, and most importantly, I'm having sprite limit issues on ZSNES. What I mean is that the emulator lags when there are too many sprites, or too much sprite activity on the screen. A good example of this is in Super Mario RPG. In the first area on my...
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    Do I need to make a virtual drive, or any suggestions? *DELETED*

    Post deleted by PetMetroid
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    What's the url string for Google Search?

    I want to set Google as the default search engine on my browser (in this case the NDS browser), so I need the search string for it. I can't find it though. Does anyone here know what the string is for Google Search? <P ID="signature">CAUTION: Do NOT feed the metroids!</P>
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    Getting the wiimote to work on the computer? For emulation purposes?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figured maybe some people here in the general emu section have tried this with the Wii remote. I thought this would be easy, but I'm having a tougher time than I thought I would. I bought a Kensington USB bluetooth thing to hook up the...
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    I'm looking for very specific software

    I'm trying to create a PC workspace that uses multiple virtual desktops, different icons for each, different wallpapers for each, diferent taskbars for each (ie: one desktop shows quicklaunch and others don't), seperate widgets for each (hopefully), and... I think that's it. But what a bitch...
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    I want to homebrew my DS, will I be all set here?

    Hey, I want to homebrew my DS and play the few roms and patched ones I have saved to my computer. I have a new black Lite running version 5 (I think, unless I just forgot, the screens turned pink when I interrupted Pictochat by ejecting a game.) Anyways... Passcard3 (flashme), Supercard Lite...
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    Complete dummy and newb on Linux, I am reborn!

    Woa, there's a lot I wanna learn and I'll have to learn. But the first thing I want to learn is how to install programs on Linux. I was using Xandros distro but I just got Mandriva to work, and if I can get it all working the way I want it to, then I'd rather stick to Mandriva because I can't...
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    I can't get the sound to work on Linux

    I purchased the Xandros Desktop Linux OS. It works great, but there's just one problem. I can't get the sound to work. I have either a Sound Blaster 24-bit Live, or the MSI VIA AC97 onboard sound. Can anyone help me? Are there drivers/software that I need to get? Cause I couldn't find any...
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    Broken video card? And this Linux, it's great!

    I am just now switching to a Linuz OS and it is great. I am using the live CD of the standard Mandrake OS. It's looks like all the goods of Windows and Apple put together, plus it has little built in customizing capabilities and is easy to use and install. I may be installing it later, or...
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    Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? --I mean XP recovery?

    Could someone here tell me where I can find the Windows XP recovery program on my computer? The "explorer" is messed up and I need to recover the computer, but I can't get to the start menu. <P ID="signature">CAUTION: Do NOT feed the metroids!</P>
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    What makes that damn buzzy feedback?

    What's the general cause of buzz feedback from a powered desktop speaker? The reason why I'm asking is because I'm trying to use one for a preamp for my record player. It just loud enough, but it generates a buzzy feedback when I turn it up loud, and I kinda need to, or want to, so I can get...
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    What's the best headphones, here's what I'm looking for:

    Hello everyone. I need to buy a new pair of headphones, a very good pair. Now I've been using Bose headphones for a couple years. They were the original Bose headphones without the bateries. They are great headphones, but I've had to retire them twice (replace them once, and they broke...
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    Wieord iPod case thing, how does it work?

    My little sister got an iPod mini for her birthday yesterday and she also got a few of these case things for it. (I can't find the box or instructions for the cases.) It doesn't fit around the iPod however, but looking at the cases, they are the same size and shape as the metal outside of the...
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