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    The Official ZMD interesting-but-in-no-way-useful fact thread

    Being in space without a spacesuit probably won't kill you right away, although it might burn your tongue. Your turn. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    iPod video

    Anyone here have an iPod video? Santa/my gf is has kindly bought me an iPod video for christmas. We're going to exchange gifts, then head out a couple of hours later to her parents' for the next few days. I'm hoping to be able to take a couple of movies to watch with me on the iPod (partly for...
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    Extreme waxing

    Linky Words fail. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Crop video frame?

    So, I'm starting to collect a few music videos ahead of picking up an iPod video. Given the side of the screen, etc, I've no real problem just downloading lower-quality ones from YouTube or Google Video. The only problem with that being that a few seem to be encloded with the top-and-bottom...
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    Comments after half an hour of Metroid Prime: Hunters

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    Location spoofing

    The BBC makes some of its programmes available for viewing online, and I was hoping that some family of mine down under would be able to watch a couple of things. The problem with that is that the BBC bars anyone detected as being outside the UK from doing so. I know that people have been able...
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    It's time to give Mr Guevara a rest. Testing... <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Found this website. A work of comic genius. That is all. EDIT: Oh, probably not work-safe, by the way. <P ID="signature"></P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by thegodofhellfire on 04/03/06 01:50 PM.</FONT></P>
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    My new favorite album

    More classic album cover goodness here. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (no spoilers)

    I'm surprised that nobody's posted anything on the matter yet. At the risk of sounding like a philistine, I thought that the film was desperately poorly paced, and far too ponderous/psuedo-philosophising. While I've no problem with that in the context of a 30-40 hour game, there's just no place...
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    Hungover, cold shower

    So, the heating and hot water's given out at my flat. £700 a month for a legally uninhabitable flat. Fantastic. And then I went out last night, slightly over-fortified myself against the cold and woke up with a fairly brutal hangover. Dragging myself into an ICE ICE COLD shower hungover was a...
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    Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

    Well, that was dense. Just bought the USB dongle for DS, and had torn the thing out of the packet before spotting the teeny tiny "Windows XP only" warning. I'm running Windows 2000 here, and if at all possible would rather avoid installing XP. I'm determined to use this thing too, rather than...
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    Clicky. Haha... oh dear.
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    Sans Trauma (and drainpipes)

    I took some time out through the week to go to a gig (Edinburgh's great for that, I've found out). Miss Black America played at the Cabaret Voltaire. Good band, but one of their support bands were amazing - these guys called Sans Trauma. Sounded like some cross between Joy Division and Depeche...
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    Wireless bridge

    Howdy So, as I said a few days ago over in diaries, I have my flat online (ie my flatmate's computer), but not yet my own unit. For cashflow reasons we've opted to set up a wired network. Simple ASDL router setup - in the post as we speak. Thing is, I'm reluctant to write off the possibility of...
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    Stopping by

    Greetings, you lovely bunch of people. I'm only stopping by briefly. We've just got this flat online, but I'm using my flatmate's computer until we get a network set up (with his online poker hobby/addiction, I figured this way was wisest). Once my own PC's hooked up, I'll be around far more...
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    Live 8

    As much as I hate to give any company free advertising, certainly not least AOL, they have all of the Live 8 performances freely available for streaming over at AOL Music. With me still being in New Zealand just now, I managed to miss the Pink Floyd reunion at the London concert, which made me...
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    So I'm setting up a new Win2k installation here, and after just a few days an infection's showed up that I just can't shift. It seems that not long after the computer goes online, a window appears, and loads up a number of html links that it installs on my website. Through these...
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    A great achievement indeed

    212 on the bomb-sorting minigame on Super Mario 64 DS. Oh yes, fear me. I should probably get out more, really. C:Serverxampphtdocszopharoldwwwthreadsattachmentsbomb.jpg
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    Xbox 5.1 ready?

    So, my brother's just got himself a surround system with a 5.1 amp (I hope that's the right terminology). He already has an Xbox, and wants to know if he can just buy a cable to hook up to the amp's inputs. All my searching (through the official hardware catalogue, anyway) isn't yielding...
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