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    I gots me a license

    yeah, I put it off for mad long, but I got it today, along with keys to the family cars (minivan, whut WHUT!) eh, that's it I guess. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    Prom. So like here's a pic of me in my badass shiny tux. this was after brow plucking and four hits with the mach 3, so I look a little young. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by ElZacho on 05/18/03 05:42...
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    Everything's Fucking Great!

    Yeah, that's right, everything. - MRI indicates my knee is fine. - Got accepted to NJIT with a 5 year $7,000 a year scholarship. - Got rejected from Columbia, fuck 'em, wasn't gonna go there anyway. - Everyone else I know got rejected from Columbia too, so, it's not just me. - Perhaps I'm...
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    /me blows out his fucking knee!

    yes! I came down from jumping onto my locked knee, burst some arteries or some shit, now my knee is full of fluid, blood probably. grg. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P><P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by ElZacho on 03/28/03 07:57 PM.</FONT></P>
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    My Day

    Typed elsewhere. I usually don't do this, but this tturned out really funny. It started like any other day, that is, I woke up to my loud-ass alarm clock and stumbled my way into the bathroom to try not to fall asleep in the shower. I got to work at eleven, more specifically, I drove to...
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    Oh well.

    Missed the deadline for a college. Fuck em, I'm too good for them anyway. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    A good week in El Zachistan

    My classes are all really cool, I visited my friend at her college, cleaned my room, picked up blade 2 on DVD, got lost in South Orange, which is kinda like Newark but not as high-profile, I'm so close to Eagle Scout I can taste it, and today, I found FIFTY DOLLARS! yes! <P ID="signature"><img...
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    My life-long undefeated streak against my brother was shattered today when he beat me at Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. This is terrible. This is like some biblical shit, epic proportions, end of an era. Now I must reevaluate my existance, everything is upside down now. I don't know whether to be...
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    My Birthday! woo hoo?

    I turn 17 today, and life is still bullshit. More now than ever, God damn. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    3 months

    3 months today. <P ID="signature"><img src=></P>
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    God damned fucking shit, man.

    (just venting)Do you all remember around two months ago(12/18) when my best friend died? Well if you don't there you go. Anyway, the school newspaper's tribute issue just came out today. I thought I had stopped crying but no, I guess it was the poetry and the pictures. God damn, ma. I'll never...
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