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  1. Azul Fria

    Congrats to our original founder, Zophar for achieving Twitch partnership.

    No emulation news today but it is great to announce that our founder, Zophar has been able to achieve partner status as of today. He's played a variety of games and managed to whether the storm to get to the mountain top. Check him out on Twitch at Zophar Zogood.
  2. Azul Fria

    BigPEmu is here.

    A new emulator for the Atari Jaguar has entered the fray and is said to be the perfect emulator for it with lots of compatible games. Download it here and see how you like it. - BigPEmu
  3. Azul Fria

    Happy 50th birthday, pong.

    It was 50 years ago today on November 29th, 1972 that Atari released one of their earliest claims to fame if not the earliest with an electronic version of Table Tennis called Pong. Released in the arcades, the concept of the game is to compete against a 2nd player or a computer controller AI...
  4. Azul Fria

    Newest version of Yuzu now allows Netplay

    As of version 1172, you can now netplay against opponents in various games. Once installed you will see text on the bottom right of the games menu that says "Not connected. Click here to find a room" and you will see the games and servers that gamers across the world are playing either on yuzu...
  5. Azul Fria

    Are people still alive in here ?

    Still here.
  6. Azul Fria

    PCSX2 undergoing major improvements.

    Currently the most stable release is still v1.6.0 but after checking out the latest nightly build (tweaks between stable releases) I can safely say things are looking up for the emulator as it has taken the Duckstation route of having a GUI interface. Check out the nightly builds here at...
  7. Azul Fria

    Ristar German Translation patch available

    Submitted by Reinc and translated by Alemanic Translations. You can download it from our Genesis German Translations page.
  8. Azul Fria

    A couple more English translations for Japanese exclusive games.

    Courtesy of MrRichard999 and some of his friends you can play Famicom Yakyuuban (What they call baseball in Japan) and Takeda Shingen which is an interesting strategy game. Check them over in the NES English Translations section.
  9. Azul Fria

    Looking for tutorial in extracting music files

    which system or which game? I know several years back mom used to do just that for Capcom games for PS2 I think it was. I think this was what she used but a different website at the time.
  10. Azul Fria

    Cool Spot and Bubsy 1 German Translations added.

    German Translations for Cool Spot and the first Bubsy game are now available courtesy of Reinc. Both games receieved a translation for the Sega Genesis and SNES. Check them out here for easier access
  11. Azul Fria

    [Request] Family Tennis 3D

    Been trying to check for a converter but I can only find a cseq to mp3 converter but if you have somewhat of a cseq player... Me personally I would use the cheap tactic of using my OBS studio to record (not stream) each file and save it as an AVI then use something like an AVI to MP3 to extract...
  12. Azul Fria

    Zophar returns... with retro streaming!

    I know montie2k usually handles the music but what's the problem with the music section to be exact? I usually approve/disapprove user submitted files these days.
  13. Azul Fria

    Remove Translation Page

    I'll go ahead and axe it.
  14. Azul Fria

    Zophar's Domain Updates

    We await your progress
  15. Azul Fria

    This new forum interface is fucking ugly.

    I don't mind the dark. I'm used to dark mode settings
  16. Azul Fria

    More RetroAchievement emulators

    Two more Retroachievements emulators have been added. One is RAppleWin - based on Apple Win for Apple II The other is RAQUASI88 based on QUASI88 for PC80 and PC88 you can also download them and more at
  17. Azul Fria

    Rest In Paradise, Byuu/Near

    Sad news and sad loss for the emulation community. Near whom most of us here knew as byuu has sadly passed away. Byuu was best known as the creator of the emulators higan and bsnes. I won't go into extreme details on it here but you can read all about here...
  18. Azul Fria

    MS-DOS Player 01/02/2021

    It has been several years since I last updated this one emulator on Zophar's Domain but since that update, the emulator itself has grown and the website now has a new url which I've updated on the game page. You can download it here at While the site...
  19. Azul Fria

    Zombie Ate My Neighbors Hack released

    Kenboi Death Hack by Kenboi adds all new 55 levels from scratch. Thanks to Zombie 101 for the submission
  20. Azul Fria

    Fire Emblem Thracia 776 English Translation

    A new English translation for Fire Emblem Thracia 776 for the SNES is out courtesy of Alexander13. Check it out at:
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