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  1. Burzy

    Restless Dreams

    last night it was incredibly hot in my room. Couldn't get to sleep. Sharing my bed with a restless sleeper doesn't help either.Later in the night, I open the window to let some cool air in. I eventually fall asleep and have a dream where someone (i can't remember who at this point) gives me...
  2. Burzy

    Dreamcast and .Bin/.raw files

    Nvm I got it. Thanks anyways :)
  3. Burzy

    installing windows... i knew this would suck.

    "a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error code: 0x80070002" i just finished installing windows xp pro on my system. my cd has a small scuff in it, i was a little worried. And now I see it was for a good reason. my research on the error...
  4. Burzy

    Arcade Game Emulation?

    I'm sure all of us are familiar with how radically different Arcade Versions of snes/nes games were (graphicswise) for the most part). I'm not asking for roms, or links ot any, but I'm curious if some roms of arcade games exist anywhere. Once again, not asking for links or anything else, but...
  5. Burzy

    LttP: Master Quest patching

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Need some advice on this one. I know how to patch files using lunar ips, but when i patch LttP with the MQ patch, it doesn't work. I got something called snestools, as i was told i had to 'remove the header' so i followed a 'how to remove headers with...
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