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  1. Adremalech The Wroth

    I'm back.

    Well it would seem I now have loads of free time once again... So for all intents and purposes, I'm back!
  2. Adremalech The Wroth

    Fudroyd v1 (Game Boy) (Android)

    Fudroyd is a new Gameboy emulator for the Android platform used by some smart phones. This is it's initial release so there are no changes, but it fully emulates the Gameboy, albeit without sound. You can get it here, or right here on our new Fudroyd page. via
  3. Adremalech The Wroth

    ZX Spectrum 4 .net v1.0.3463 Build 16529 (Sinclair Spectrum/QL) (PC (DOS/Windows))

    A new version of this ZX Speccy emulator written in DotNet has been released. There isn't any description of what is new at this time. You can get it on the emulator's Official Site, or right here on ZD. via
  4. Adremalech The Wroth

    ZZogl r165 (Playstation 2) (PC (DOS/Windows))

    This is a GPU plugin for PCSX2. It is a fork of Zero GS KOSMOS, with the intent of improving image quality, as well as optimizing/fixing bugs of the plug-in. There is no change log listed, but you can get it on our PCSX2 page. You can also download it here, or go there for more info on the...
  5. Adremalech The Wroth

    blueMSX Launcher v1.6 (MSX) (PC (DOS/Windows))

    Sam Elsharif has created this nifty launcher called blueMSX Launcher. This is the first dedicated launcher only for blueMSX and it works pretty well. Here is what's new: Added a new tool to rename rom, disk and tape files to 8.3 format, launcher or blueMSX database name Added right-click menu...
  6. Adremalech The Wroth

    Lunar IPS added

    Lunar IPS is intended as an easy to use, lightweight IPS patch utility for windows to replace DOS program. It can both create and apply IPS patches.
  7. Adremalech The Wroth

    Snes9x version .02 for PSP

    It seems the emulators for psp section was abandoned... Well here I am with the updates to that section Finally. Introducing Snes9x version .02 which is an emulator of SNES for the PSP. It is based off of Snes9x 1.43. It can be downloaded here...
  8. Adremalech The Wroth

    Obama FTW

    I got to admit that this race was one that I was nervous over but it seems the best candidate won out. I want to hear your opinions on the race now.
  9. Adremalech The Wroth

    Random Jokes

    The best part of waking up is not Folgers in your cup, it is the realization that Chuck Norris did not kill you in your sleep.
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