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    Abe's Exoddus Save Editor for PC Uploaded

    LIJI's save editor for the second installment in the Oddworld series has now been uploaded here on Zophar's Domain. This fun little utility edits statistics and items in the game. There are no plans to make an editor for the PlayStation version of the game.
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    Abe LVL Extractor and .cam converter utilities uploaded

    Two tools that the Oddworld Forums' own Paul developed are now available here on Zophar's Domain (with his permission). Abe LVL Extractor - this tool allows you to extract the .cam files from Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (and it's demo version available at Oddworld Inhabitants' official site. .cam...
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    I need some help with my Sega Mega CD

    I recently purchased a Mark 1 Sega Mega CD. It doesn't appear to work. Before I send it back, I'd like to know if I can repair it. Here is what I do: Sit it on the cabinet, slide the grounding plate into it, and slide the Sega MegaDrive 2 into it. I hook up the MegaDrive 2 to the TV. I hook...
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    Gens Plus! Updated

    Gens Plus! has been updated to version Any information you need will be at the author's website:
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    Kega Fusion 3.51 Uploaded

    The most recent version of Steve Snake's Kega Fusion has been uploaded. For more information on Kega Fusion, visit the website:
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    DB Frontend Uploaded

    I have added the DB Frontend (which is a frontend for DOSBox) and it's source to the frontends section. According to the description on the website, "DBFrontend is a new tool to make the approach to the excellent DOSBox project more...
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    DOSBox Win32 Update

    DosBox has (not so recently) been updated to version 0.72, though recently the link up here on ZD has been updated. I have also added it to the Macintosh emulators. A lot of the update is a bug fix. Here is the list: * Fixed unitialized variable in joystick. (Fixes crashes on Vista and Mac...
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