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    A fool who persists in his folly will become wise.

    The title is from William Blake's "Proverbs of Hell" Things I learned the hard way, that people with sense learn the easy way, and which you don't want to learn the hard way, because it hurts: Alcohol and drugs destroys lives, ruin families, reduces mental capacity, and does not erase guilt...
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    An asshole with adoring young men listening to his every word

    Picture it--ancient Greece. The camera pans over a group of young men listening as one man speaks to a gathering of youths. Something funny is happening here. This man is sayijg things that are different. Youthful expressions show interest and seem intrigued by this man and his strange...
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    What is it with all these people with "dark" names?

    Seriously? Is there some Jungian personality struggle with the shadow that video gamers have? OK. Stop. The dark side (dork side) could be seen as a snare and a trap, it is not wise to mire oneself in it. The cosmic joke: the bad guy on TV that gets defeated MIGHT be a trick. The "enemy" in...
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    Metaphysics of Evolution

    Evolution. Is there any concept more overrated? Right. Let's start over. EVOLUTION causes those forms to exist which are dependent for their growth on AVOIDING death. Evolution will never give birth to anything but that which AVOIDS DEATH or is consumed by it. Let us contemplate this way of...
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    What are the most important things in life?

    The nihilist would say nothing. The subjectivist would say that it depends on the individual. Conan the Barbarian would probably say something about killing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women. Maybe the purpose of life is to be able to say, if and when death comes, that...
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    Fatbeard/neckbeard ratio

    Come on, identify yourselves!
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    Heely shoes

    Anyone else have a pair of these? If you don't know what they are, they're the shoes with the wheels on the bottom. They're neat because depending on how you move your feet you can either walk normally or slide around on them. Sliding was impossible at first for me but now I think I've got a...
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    Ideology is corrupting

    This is still an age of ideology. While not quite as bad as the 20th century, ideology still runs rampant. The reason that ideology is corrupting is that it is a distorted way of looking at reality. Instead of examining something as it is, ideology filters what is examined through a set of...
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    Aren't Greek letters fucking cool?

    Αα Alpha Νν Nu Ββ Beta Ξξ Xi Γγ Gamma Οο Omicron Δδ Delta Ππ Pi Εε Epsilon Ρρ Rho Ζζ Zeta Σσς Sigma Ηη Eta Ττ Tau Θθ Theta Υυ Upsilon Ιι Iota Φφ Phi Κκ Kappa Χχ Chi Λλ Lambda Ψψ Psi Μμ Mu Ωω Omega Seriously! Look at them! They're marvelous. Oh wait, this is the backroom forum...
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    You know, it's too bad you can't vote for who runs the media

    I mean, seriously, what is this "Presidental candidate" thing; I want to vote for who runs the media! Fuck all this governmental bullshit, it's the corporations that run everything. Seriously, forget the President; I want to vote for the guys who get to collect billions while shitting down the...
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    The true lords of the Earth

    There true rulers of this Earth are not who you think they are. It is not corporations, it is not Freemasons, Illuminati, N.W.O. types--it is not any of this. The true rulers of this world are, and have always been, homosexuals. In the year 50,000 B.C. a group of interdimensional, homosexual...
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    I am a five year old girl

    I found a stranger who offered me CANDY and ROMS. I took the candy, and he promised to take me to a magical land where something called SEX is. I don't know what SEX is but if it's like CANDY or ROMS I want to find out!!!!
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    Many people claim that there is some absolute basis for morality, that the attempt to discard or form one's own, relative moral values is tantamount to narcissism and arrogance. However, could it not be said that those who ascribe to traditional moral values are simply parroting the views of...
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    Most absurd theories about the universe

    Let's come up with the most absurd theories about the nature of the universe! Here's mine: The universe is a fractal generating screensaver on a computer that hasn't been touched for 14 billion years.
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    Hi, I'm Jaduss's Mom

    Jaduss ran away with my dildo, and is currently using it for anal sodomy. I can't afford a new one ever since he burned the house down trying to make methamphetamine using menstrual blood, peanut shells, acetone, and trinitrotoluene. I also took away his Internet, because he wouldn't pay...
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    I can kick your ass in Street Fighter 2

    I can beat the shit out of you in Street Fighter II. I can win against you in Street Fighter II. I can beat the holy living fuck out of you in Street Fighter II. I will be victorious in a game of Street Fighter II if you choose to play me. I can beat the shit out of you in Street Fighter II. I...
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    I want to make a dual-tile-encoding hack for an SNES game

    IF anyone needs one just let me know and I'll have something to do to relieve boredom finally. <P ID="signature"></P>
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    Anti-social Personality Disorder

    Sticking my dick in the pancake batter at IHOP <P ID="signature"></P>
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    INTERNET <P ID="signature"></P>
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    The "one step further game"

    Basically, the goal is to take what someone says, and take it that extra step further, by something else to it. You start with a subject, and state it simply. Then you add details that make it more absurd or amusing. I'll start: Mike Tyson. In a tutu. Getting a blowjob. From a man. EDIT: The...
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