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    z80 Assembly for GB: where do I start?

    I've started getting into z80 assembly recently, becoming more interested with how TI-83+ programs work. I know there are some users here that do z80, and I was wondering if any of you could tell me how you got started in z80, or if you know of any superior tutorials. <P ID="signature"><hr></P>
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    Many years later...

    And I've changed quite a bit. I have Zophar's Domain to thank for teaching me what is and is not acceptable behaviour on the internet. If I were to have made such blunders (as I had in my early days of ZMD) as in the other net ventures I've pursued over the years, I doubt I ever would have...
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    Trackpad problem

    Wow... It's been forever since I've posted here... Anyway, I'm having a bit of a problem with the trackpad on my friend's laptop. It's a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4467 running Windows Vista. The problem is, Vista doesn't seem to be displaying a mouse configuration page (Control Panel -> Mouse)...
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    Setting up a Chan (image board)

    I am trying to set up an image board, one that looks similar to 2channel or 4chan. I have heard of some software to do this, such as Shiichan, but another thing I don't know how to do is make the PHP files display correctly (they currently display the coding when accessed). Any help from...
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    Running Windows 3.11 in Dosbox 0.65 OSX

    When I go to the mounted C drive with Windows installed, and run windows, it gives the error "ERROR: Unsupported expanded-memory driver already installed. Remove the driver from CONFIG.SYS." Now, obviously, if I'm mounting the folder from inside DOSBox and then switching to the C drive and...
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    My External HDD won't work on Apples

    It has been working fine up until two days ago. I have recently instelled on my laptop: DosBox, and I installed Windows 3.11 into a folder, but that shouldn't have messed with the USB ports; and also, it's every Mac that it doesn't work on. I've had this problem before, and solved it simply by...
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    OSX Disk Partitioning

    Are there any tools for OSX hard disks (under Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) which have the same feature as PartitionMagic's "Resize"? I am thinking about setting up the iBook to dual-boot Kubuntu. <P ID="signature"><hr></P>
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    Which N*SYNC Boy is Gay?

    It's Lance Bass. (CNN) <P ID="signature"><hr></P>
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    French or Mandarin?

    I am preparing for MSSM this fall, and I was wondering if you all could give me any advice. I have taken a year of highschool french, French II, since I had already taken French I in middle school. (I will be a sophomore this fall.) Thus, one of my options for foreign language would be...
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    OSX Executable Problem

    I am still installing some programs on the new iBook I posted about a while back, which, BTW, amy aunt had already installed Tiger on. <("<) So I am installing programs, and I'm not quite sure how OSX executables work. I know that they are set up somewhat like folders. (I remember resource forks...
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    need to partition a Zip100 disk

    Is this possible? The disk does not show up in PartitionMagic 8.0, but perhaps I just don't know how to enable that. Also, would finding an old copy of FDISK work? I also have another resort: In an old CD I had with a Knoppix Live distribution, there was an installer program which also would...
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    Smileys aren't XHTML-compliant

    I don't know how easy this would be to fix; if it is just a matter of adding that slash to the code for the smiley "buttons", or if it is not possible to do in this forum's system. <P ID="signature"><hr></P>
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    Transparency test

    This avatar brought to you by SonicZip This post brought to you by your ISP <P ID="signature"><hr></P>
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    iBook: Should I go with OSX or Debian?

    I'm getting an old laptop (old as in, three previous 7th-to-8th-grade users) from the MLTI system (The plan in Maine to have every 7th and 8th grader be able to use a laptop in school). It has a 20G hard drive, 128M ram, and a 600MHz processor. And, it has OSX (10.2 IIRC?). I'm going to use it...
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    Weird sound events

    It seems that, whenever I run Flash, there appear to be then sound effects for things like resizing a window, etc. I'm not sure whether someone else has had this problem anymore, but I have a theory. On large RAM cards (as the one my friend has, which is where I am), could using a large portion...
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    I just got accepted to MSSM

    So, I just got the letter today that I had been accepted into MSSM (Maine School of Science and Mathematics). P.S. Is 1360/1600 any good on a SAT score? (I am a sophomore next year). Please excude the bad grammar, I just woke up 5min ago. <P ID="signature"><hr> <marquee width="10%">Move Sig...
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    DIsk Investigator problem

    On my Win 2000 machine, whenever I try to recover a file, DI keeps saying that the clusters are in use by another program. I tried closing out of most of the processes, but I can't seem to find which one it is, or if that's even the problem. Note: The files which I was trying to recover were on...
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    Did you know this?

    In Pokemon RBY, before you input you name and your rival's name, the names stored there are NINTEN (you) and SONY (the enemy). Discuss. <P ID="signature"><hr> <marquee width="10%">Move Sig... Move Sig... Move Sig... Move Sig... Move Sig... Move Sig...</marquee></P>
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    Melo Qaw!

    <!--AAUGH--!>R <P ID="signature"><hr> <marquee>Move Sig...</marquee></P>
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    Corrupted Wish-Granting Game ZMD Edition

    You've all seen it on Elazul's Pad... If you haven't, here's how it goes. One person makes a wish. The next person grants it, but corrupts it. As, Person 1: I wish I had $1000000. Person 2: Granted. Now run--you just robbed a bank! Person 2: I wish I had more RAM. And continue ad infinitum...
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