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    Are people still alive in here ?

    I'm not dead, I guess. Haven't been here in a lifetime.
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    Sega Channel Demo Cartridge #4 Music links to an invalid download_page for me, ID 30707. Is there something weird about this one or is it a legit 404? Also, wow, been forever...
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    Are you guys all hanging out on IRC somewhere? I need more channels to idle in.
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    RSS/Atom Feeds?

    My favourite emulation site is kicking it again! YAYYYYY! The first thing I looked for when I came back was some kind of RSS or Atom feed, which of course, I can't seem to find. Was this a planned feature? It seems like there is a lot of content on this site that could be feedified.
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    I found a nifty program called</a> the other day. It'll allow you to remap joystick buttons and analog sticks to damn near anything. Fully scriptable. I've written a little script for it that binds the save state functions in Snes9x to my second analog stick...
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    So I've been diagnosed with chronic depression, and am thinking of going on a treatment of antidepressants for it. Any comments about them from people who've used them or just generally have knowledge or advice to give? <P ID="signature"><center><a href=''> Visit my site...
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    DJ Mix: Sorcergotry

    Here's one of my latest mixes, hosted courtesy of Ernst: ftp://zophar:upload@</a>. It's generally dance-oriented, with a lot of genres represented, like all of my work. I feel this one has the best flow of the mixes I've created. I've personally found...
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    Attention Electronic Music Lovers

    Lately I've been throwing together a few (IMO interesting) DJ sets using various software. I've given a few copies to raver/electronic-music-lover friends, and they enjoy 'em. There was some interest here in electronic music and my sets are pretty all-encompassing (I've used modules and...
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    Avatar Resizing

    It'd be nice if I could specify the size of my avatar. I like the pixelated look, but it doesn't auto-resize any more. <P ID="signature"><center><a href=''> Visit my site and leave comments plzkthxbye.</a></center></P>
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    My Political Beliefs

    I've been pondering my own political beliefs lately, and I've come to the conclusion that I have no idea what political affiliation I'd have in any country. I've yet to find a single party whose beliefs resonate with my own. So I invite you all to see what you can make of 'em and give me a...
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    Sig? <P ID="signature"><center><a href=''> </a> Visit my site and leave comments plzkthxbye.</center></P>
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    Quote tags?

    Wtf? <blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr> I've never noticed these before <hr></blockquote> <P ID="signature"><center><hr width=468><a href=''> </a>^^ if this image shows up, my site's up! ^^</center></P>
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    Xanga etc.

    After having my own blog (with a custom design) for a year and a half, I've finally noticed xanga and livejournal. My question is: are they good, are they customizable, and are they worth the hassle? Any other impressions would be great as well. <P ID="signature"><center><hr width=468><a...
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    Digging Up Old Arguments

    Spacetiger, I remember (or I might be mis-remembering, too) back during that enlightening religion debate we had that there were many astrophysical circumstances that hinted at creation. Well, I finally found a reference, browsing through a rather devout Christian friend's Slashdot posts...
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