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  1. Zophar

    Zophar's "Twitch Partner Reveal Video" released

    Greetings, mortals. I've posted the video I created for the moment I revealed that we achieved Twitch Partnership status, which took place on Saturday, August 23rd, 2023). Check it out, and I hope you enjoy the insanity that ensued. Zophar's Twitch Partner Reveal Video P.S. - Keep your eyes...
  2. Zophar

    Congrats to our original founder, Zophar for achieving Twitch partnership.

    I found a picture of Reaper man everyone. I had to share it with you - it's a spitting image! :)
  3. Zophar

    Congrats to our original founder, Zophar for achieving Twitch partnership.

    Thanks so much Azul Fria for everything, and continuing to hold down the fort with martini and crew!
  4. Zophar

    Best way to play emulators on a TV

    The MiSTer's quite nice if you've got the money for 4th generation and prior - as well as PSX and early Saturn support!
  5. Zophar

    Are people still alive in here ?

  6. Zophar

    Who the fuck is moderating this forum?

    You could always corrupt something... "Brad Corrupts the domain"?
  7. Zophar

    wish this forum were more lively

    It's a tough one. I haven't been able to get a hold of Ed in a long time, and despite being "Zophar", am extremely limited in what I'm able to do site/access-wise right now.
  8. Zophar

    Virtual Hydlide Speedruns, oh dear!

    Greetings, mortals! I've been spending time these last few months speedrunning the most, ahem, interesting Sega Saturn Action-RPG ever... Virtual Hydlide! Because... reasons. I'm happy to tell you that now we have an article from the people behind to tell you more about it. If...
  9. Zophar

    Thank you for 26 years!

    Good evening, mortals. 26 years ago on November 9th, 1996, I asked: what if all emulators, utilities, and news about them were all in one place? Zophar's Domain was born and flourished for years and is still here to this day thanks to all of you! I'd like to thank the following people for...
  10. Zophar

    Are people still alive in here ?

    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!
  11. Zophar

    merritt k interviews Zophar

    Greetings, mortals. I sat down with merritt k a few months ago and was interviewed around what our emulation community was like back in the 1996-2000 era. The full interview is below, along with my YouTube (video content) and Twitch (streaming content) channels. Enjoy! merritt k interviews...
  12. Zophar

    New Saturn Core for MiSTer available!

    Greetings, mortals! The Sega Saturn core on the MiSTer has been updated! If you've got a MiSTer (as I do - and they are awesome!) - head to Sergey Dvodnenko's GitHub page and download it. (You'll need to be signed in to Github to see the links). Make sure to download the right core (single ram...
  13. Zophar

    Catch me on Twitter and Twitch

    Greetings, mortals! Hope everyone's doing well! Some of you have been asking about ways to contact me, so I thought I'd make a quick post with the best ways to reach me: Twitter: TheRealZophar ( - I typically tweet about random musings, emulation, gaming, my...
  14. Zophar

    Are people still alive in here ?

    Welcome, lurker of the Domain.
  15. Zophar

    New MiSTer Core: Super Game Boy

    Greetings, mortals. A new core for the MiSTer has been released - Super Game Boy! - Check out all the information on the Official MiSTer FPGA forum for change logs and updates as the MiSTer project continues to grow and mature. - If you want to see the MiSTer in action, Zophar's Realm streams...
  16. Zophar

    Are people still alive in here ?

    I live.
  17. Zophar

    Zophar's Domain featured in Fanbyte Youtube series, "Forgotten Worlds"

    Greetings, users of the domain! Last week, Merritt k of Fanbyte fame released a new short video in her "Forgotten Worlds" series - and this one is all about emulation in the late 90s and early 2000s. Zophar's Domain is featured (Merritt contacted me a few months ago for research for this piece)...
  18. Zophar

    Marble Madness II: The Canceled Sequel Recovered For MAME

    This is awesome to see. Also - speedrunner yelsraek (Yelsraek Twitch) has been playing the game his last several streams if you want to check it out first!
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