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  1. Montie2k

    Arculator v0.99 released

    I updated all of the files on our site to reflect the current version (v2.1, 5th September 2021). Hope this helps!
  2. Montie2k

    RetroArch 1.10.1 released

    Highlights include: 1) working again for Gamecube/Wii users; 2) making it easier to obtain required/necessary content files that some of the 'contentless cores' need; 3) a more energy-efficient way to fastforward based on ‘frame skipping’; 4) tons of fixes for Wayland users on Linux machines; 5)...
  3. Montie2k

    Snes9x 1.61 released

    This is a small release for a bunch of little things that have accumulated. Big changes behind the hood are a change to the tile renderer so that it builds much quicker, and a swap of the Gtk port to C++ bindings, both of which should be unnoticeable. Michael Buckley also wrote a completely new...
  4. Montie2k

    Zophar returns... with retro streaming!

    When Edman revamped the music section in February 2017, it took all control of the section out of my hands.
  5. Montie2k

    Zophar's Domain Updates

    Confirmed. Guest browsing blocks you from viewing attached images both on the forums and on the main page (which is drawn from the forums).
  6. Montie2k

    Snes9x 1.57 released

    Snes9x 1.57 has been released. Changes include a big update to the libretro port, several accuracy fixes, a few new features, and some deprecations. Support for xml HLSL shaders in the Windows port and xml GLSL shaders in the GTK+ port has been removed. We recommend downloading and using...
  7. Montie2k

    Snes9X 1.56.1

    The SNES emulator Snes9X was updated to version 1.56 yesterday and then updated to version 1.56.1 today. Here's what's new: Increased the speed of SA1 emulation to match hardware more closely. Fixed negative SA1 division Changed the location where we poll input to potentially reduce lag. Fixed...
  8. Montie2k

    mGalaxy 5.5

    mGalaxy, a frontend to arcade, game consoles and PC emulators, was updated to version 5.5 today. Here is what has been updated in this release: Game database panel (requires an internet connection): pressing the dedicated key (default key is ‘w’) will show/hide a side panel with game info such...
  9. Montie2k

    wsr plugin for winamp

    wsr plugin for winamp allows for playback of Bandai Wonderswan .wsr music files. You can grab it at our download page. Peace, -Montie
  10. Montie2k

    JSidPlay2 v3.3

    Rounding out my updates for this weekend is JSidPlay2, an open source Commodore 64 music player that is implemented in Java. It was updated to version 3.3 yesterday. The author does not maintain a changelog. You can grab it at our JSIDPlay2 download page. Peace, -Montie
  11. Montie2k

    vgmstream Test Build 1039

    vgmstream, a library for playing streamed audio from video games, was updated to test build #1039 on September 15th. The author does not maintain a changelog for test builds. You can grab it at our vgmstream download page. Peace, -Montie
  12. Montie2k

    VGMPlay / in_vgm v0.40.5

    VGMPlay, a player for VGM files, and its associated Wimamp/XMPlay plugin were updated to version 0.40.5 on April 13th. Here's a list of changes since version 0.40: replaced some larger swich statements with function pointers (small speed up) fixed Stereo flag in SN76496 OPL mapper optimized...
  13. Montie2k

    GSF Decoder and 2SF Decoder added

    Through some egregious travesty of justice which I can only attribute to the convergence of three supermoons in one summer, I totally missed the presence of two additional foobar2000 plugins by kode64. They can now be found on their respective download pages. GSF Decoder adds decoding support...
  14. Montie2k

    SID Decoder v1.32

    SID Decoder, kode64's foobar2000 plugin based on SIDPLAY2, was updated to version 1.32 on April 1st. The following changes have been made since version 1.30: Fixed a race condition which affected starting a batch of conversions or wave seekbar scans without starting a single track for playback...
  15. Montie2k

    PSF Decoder v2.0.38

    PSF Decoder, kode64's foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for Sony Playstation and Playstation 2 Sound Format files, was updated to version 2.0.38 on March 27th. The following changes have been made since our last posted version, 2.0.26: Input automatically drops support for PSF1 files...
  16. Montie2k

    QSF Decoder v2.0.26

    QSF Decoder, kode64's foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for Capcom QSound Sound Format files, was updated to version 2.0.26 on March 27th. The following changes have been made since our last posted version, 2.0.20: Additions for VS2012 Reset to compile for VS2010 Added support for...
  17. Montie2k

    Game Emu Player v1.179

    Game Emu Player, kode64's foobar2000 plugin which adds decoding support for several game console music formats, was updated to version 1.179 on February 25th. The following changes have been made since our last posted version, 1.124: Fixed RF5C68 count reporting (there can be only one) Fixed NSF...
  18. Montie2k

    ACID 64 Player Pro v3.5

    ACID 64 Player Pro, a Commodore 64 player for devices that have a real SID chip installed, was updated to version 3.5 on December 19th. Here are all of the updates since our last posted version, 3.2: Emulation improvements COMPUTE!'s Sidplayer (MUS file) support with support of stereo files...
  19. Montie2k

    NEZPlug++ v0.9.4.8 + 3 + 22.31

    NEZplug++, a modification to the original NEZplug which adds support for CPC files and SGC files, was updated to version + 3 + 22.31 on October 30th. Since the plugin is in Japanese, I cannot interpret the change log. You can grab it at our NEZPlug++ download page. Peace, -Montie
  20. Montie2k

    Sega MegaDrive Vgm Player v3.20b

    After what was thought to be its final release, the Sega MegaDrive Vgm Player which plays VGM files on the real machine (after conversion to optimised format) was updated to version 3.20b on August 16, 2013. The author does not maintain a change log. You can grab it at our Sega MegaDrive Vgm...
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