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  1. Autumn Able

    Are people still alive in here ?

    I'm still here!
  2. Autumn Able

    Android video game music player: Droidsound-E It can play almost every videogame music format out there on Android devices. It even works with Bluetooth audio and can play when the android device is idle.
  3. Autumn Able

    New site for VGM rips... (of the arcade variety)

    in_vgm updated a while back to add support for several arcade music chips. But since Project2612 is strictly for Sega Megadrive/Genesis VGMs a new archive/forum was setup just for these new VGMs. There aren't too many yet, but I'm gonna start ripping quite a few in the future. VGMRips...
  4. Autumn Able

    Foo_m1 vanished?

    It seems any download links to foo_m1 1.10 have vanished off the net. Does anyone still have this lying around somewhere so it can be archived?
  5. Autumn Able

    Regression FM SoundFont

    Apparently someone made a pretty kickass FM Synth (and sometimes PSG) SoundFont. Very interesting and sounds a lot like a Sega Genesis. I popped it into foo_midi and gave it a try, it's very impressive.
  6. Autumn Able

    Baron Hill (Epic) Fail She does have a point there. It's still her right to videotape a PUBLIC discussion, isn't it?
  7. Autumn Able

    Native console resolutions on PC's Component output...

    I finally completed my PC project, and everything it working great. Except for one minor annoyance. I wanted to be able to use the component output of my Geforce GTX 280 to play emulators on my Flatscreen TV in their native resolutions (320x240,256x240,etc.), but so far I'm not sure how to...
  8. Autumn Able

    Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes

    I'll just leave this here.... Summary: Someone made a 98% complete hack of Chrono Trigger, essentially creating a fan-sequel to it. A few days ago, SquareEnix C&D'ed them. Also, why is this not on the news page already?
  9. Autumn Able

    Multicade in an actual arcade: Is it legal?

    GamesBoro, a classic game store nearby, got ahold of a Multicade, and are setting it up for taking quarters and stuff. I've heard these are pretty gray area, but putting it in an actual arcade for tokens? Is it legal? I just don't want these guys to get into any trouble down the road. :erm:
  10. Autumn Able

    Homebrew game music subsections?

    We already have a lot of music ripped from videogames, so why not have a subsection for homebrew (both originals and covers) videogame musics (especially NSFs). hasn't done any REAL updates in over 2 years, and the newer ones are hard to find, especially since a good deal of them are in...
  11. Autumn Able

    YM2608 documentation, cracks YM2612 wide open!

    YM2608 Document from Yamaha Someone got ahold of the official Yamaha documentation of the YM2608, from which the YM2612 directly descended from. Was in Japanese, but someone gave it a wonderful translation to english. It tells pretty much everything you needed to know about the YM2612, even the...
  12. Autumn Able

    Wii & SSB: Brawl Codes?

    I've finally got everything I need for online play on a Wii. I also downloaded the web browser and a Wii Virtual Console game (Legend of Zelda II for NES). I tried it out on VC, it's nice looking and all, but the sound and music sucks compared to the original console. Oh well, I expected that...
  13. Autumn Able

    Is it just me?

    Is it just me, or is this message board starting to literally fall apart? *Points to all the errors on top of the screen* <P ID="signature"></P>
  14. Autumn Able

    Another soon?

    Can't anybody make anything that lasts anymore!? Jesus! Backtracking through old Zophar posts I've had this monitor just about 3 years. It was purchased on March 02, 2005. Recently it seems to be doing some strange crap, much like the old monitor...and my dad's 32" TV before it too died...
  15. Autumn Able

    Making Karaoke

    I go to a restaurant to sing karaoke every Friday night. However, the songlist there is missing quite a few good songs from artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, etc. So I figured I would try and take the songs I had on me, slap lyrics on 'em, and burn to CD+G. How should I go about doing this, and...
  16. Autumn Able

    Playing embedded WMVs in Opera

    For some reason, WMP can't open WMVs embedded into webpages without crashing. All it shows is the play, pause, etc. menu and nothing else. It's the same in IE and in Opera. I even tried reinstalling WMP 9. So I'm wondering, is there anything out there I can replace WMP with to actually play WMVs...
  17. Autumn Able

    The Hybrid Front

    Has anyone ever translated "The Hybrid Front" for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive to English? It looks like a decent strategy game...I just wish I knew how to play it....and what's going on. <P ID="signature"></P>
  18. Autumn Able

    Good games for SegaCD?

    I got myself a SegaCD console a few weeks ago and am enjoying the hell out of it. So far I have SonicCD, Snatcher, and Shining Force CD (Which I can't really play since it eats up so much damn memory, should get a RAM cart for it). What other good games are there for it? What do you recommend...
  19. Autumn Able

    My Face!

    So I ran my face through this thing that compares it to various celebrities and shows what celebrities I look like. I mostly resemble Patrick</a> (T-1000). Nifty. <P ID="signature"></P>
  20. Autumn Able

    Working Again!

    Last Tuesday I started work at Fred's. So far it's been pretty decent, and far better than working for Dollar General. And my manager isn't a total douche, either! <img src=smilies/cwm11.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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