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    You can have my copy of Twighlight Princess

    Looks like I'm skipping this generation of Zelda. Oh well, and the game had such promise. It's like taking a solid gold brick, and presenting it to the world while it's inside the asshole of that guy from Goatse. Way to go Miyamoto! Lets see how many more Nintendo fans we can alienate before...
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    Score another point for the Revolution

    Sensor bar rendered useless by sunlight. Top notch construction. ZOMG can't wait to buy one. <img src=smilies/laff.gif> <P ID="signature"></P>
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    new revolution news

    <P ID="signature"> Testing sigs.</P>
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    Just saw War of the Worlds (2005) - not the Spielberg version...

    Yes, that's right. War of the Worlds, released in 2005. Starring none other than 'Soul Man' himself C. Thomas Howell and Jake Busey aka Gary Busey the Lesser. This. Movie. Is. Bad. It made no sense whatsoever and the director... wow. It must have been the director's first real movie or...
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    Does anyone know Brendan Small's URL?

    edit: found it.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by punjman on 09/01/05 09:34 PM.</FONT></P>
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    And so the only black guy on a reality show pulls the race card.

    *sigh* I don't want to retype everything I posted on my blog, so please just go there. Also I thank you not to make fun of my blog.. thanks.<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by punjman on 08/31/05 10:49 PM.</FONT></P>
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    Just spoke to my cousin in Atlanta (New Orleans related)

    He said there's a gas frenzy up there because of an expected shortage. Lines and lines of cars waiting for gas. Gas is currently $2.90 and he's heard reports of $3.56. Apparently this frenzy is being caused by the fact that pipelines to GA via Lousiana have been damaged because of Katrina. I...
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    Um. Xbox360 has a modchip. I think.
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    The Living Engine of Destruction or 'Pissed off' Incarnate

    Anyone here played the new Incredible Hulk game? It's not as free roaming as the GTA games (and no unlockable sex scenes with Betty Ross or She-Hulk) or Spider-man 2 but it's really fun to finally just mess stuff up. No gay Bruce Banner stealth missions, etc. Just all out fun and mayhem.<img...
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    Wow Torrent Reactor really eats weeners.

    I went in there looking for something by the minibosses (hey they aren't playing original compositions so why pay for it?) And TR brings up 0 matches. OK, understandable, they might not be popular enough for someone to have a torrent. I thought it was a bit odd that of BILLIONS of torrents...
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    rant. seriously this is emulation related.

    What in the hell is the deal with people naming stuff so retardedly? I got tons of ROMs for a Visualboy Advance, and they are all named "castlevania - circle of the moon _us_proper)js@#3w23ssworthlessinformation>>>erughsert/.zip" and there's about 3 copies of each and every damn game! I...
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    A place I'd like to visit someday.
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    Symphony of the Night maps

    Anyone know where to find a large map of this game, possibly with names of the areas? The ones on Gamefaqs and other places are really tiny, and don't have any names. Thanks.
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    Foo Fighters: In Your Honor (the song, not album)

    One of the most perfectly arranged songs ever.
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    Counterstrike (1.6 or Source)

    Awper = GAY. Thank you for your time.
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    Doom trailer. Um. wow. This looks dumb. D. U. M.
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    half-life 2, Doom3 and Battlefield 2

    How is it that I can run Half-Life 2 with all sorts of bells and whistles on and have minimal loss of frame-rate, same thing with CS:Source, but when I play BF2 the 'reccomended' settings are everything set to 'low'? My system spex aren't anything to brag about but here they are: 2.8gHz P4 CPU...
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    Growl baby... growl.

    Spacey as Lex Luthor. NICE.
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    Massivly Mutiplayer Online FPS

    I doubt I'm the first to think of this.. but what if there were real, MMOFPS games out there that behaved like an MMORPG? I know there was a game called PlanetSide that was very close to this but I haven't played that game and I don't know if this is how PlanetSide works, but here's what I...
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    Family Guy movie leaked.

    Found it on a.b.dvdr and also on Torrent. The torrent is an Xvid and the one in a.b.dvdr is obviousy a DVD. Anyway, I dont know if it's real so far since I havent been able to watch it, but I'll reply on this as soon as I know. I won't post a link to the torrent as that might be against the...
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