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    I wonder how many of the older ZD posters have kids now (one still around anywho). I have two and one on the way. The one on the way happened because i have been delaying a visit to the ball sack surgeon. Some how, someone cutting into there does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling. How...
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    Ugh, Credit card fraud

    I have been hit for 300 dollars worth of charges. Called the credit card so i should be okay. It is so annoying, does not Apple use Verified by Visa? $300 dollars worth of itunes charges - and i have never used the service. If apple does not use verified by Visa for transactions, i will...
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    Media and big business

    I am a little drunk but.................. Canada, US, we are a bunch of sheep. Right now the cons want to cut business taxes. WhY? To make us competative. How does cutting taxes for the very companies that ship all the jobs to china to save money. How does that help the average person...
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    A real true story -

    That one fake story thread in the diaries thread made me think of this actual true story that happened to me years ago. (some minor embelishements added - pardon my bad grammer - it is worse than normal after a full 750ml bottle of nice white reisling wine i just drank at dinner). Basically...
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    Hello ZD World

    It has been a long while since i posted here. Truth be told, I thought the site would be dead. I use to post alot under Gokuh but lost that when the forums changed over. Basically I was recently watching a japanese drama with my wife called Densha Otoko and it it reminded me of this forum so...
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    Japanese Dramas

    Lately, my wife and I have been watching Japanese Dramas. Fortunately for me, there are alot of fan sub people who translate the dramas and give them english subtitles. They are really quite good. Sometimes, they make me think of leave it to beaver, but other times, they are quite enjoyable...
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    Batman: The Dark Knight

    It is a good movie. I recommend you to see it. To bad Heath died, I would have liked to of seen him in another sequel. Do not believe the hype though. Believing the hype is a one way ticket to disapointment. I wish Katie Holmes was in it though. Not for her acting ability. There is one...
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    Chatting - how many people actually still do it?

    The IRC thread got me wondering. How many people actually still chat in chatrooms online. I remember when I was 16-24, I use to chat all the time. I never use them and cannot be bothered. I do not know even where to go anymore if I wanted too! The do not even remember the name of the first...
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    Another drunk post

    Alright, I am drunk. Hell, i have drunk a bottle of white wine and have just taken a glass of disaronno ammeretto strait! I will take another before the end of this email. I ran out of wine! (currently it is hard to see what i am writing) I am going down memory lane. I remember when i was...
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    Vacation Time!!!

    YES!!! Tommorrow is my last day of work. Come Tuesday, I will be flying out to Tokyo with my wife. Three weeks away from work!!!! This time i get to go to Akihabara with money to spend! <P ID="signature"><center> <IMG SRC = ""> </center></P>
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    Conservativeness vs Liberalness arguments of the past

    How many poeple here have found that thier "views" of the world change as they age? A few years ago, when this board was alive with libs vs cons, i was more liberal. As I age, i become much more conservative on certain things. For example, I love my medical coverage in Canada! It is great...
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    HP websites suck!

    Whether it is the online learning portion or HP channel services, the service is either down or slow and damn near impossible to what you are looking for! It is a snow day so I am looking maintenance manuals for various , pc models, lj printer models, server models and MSAs. I am having a...
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    Rocky Balboa

    Excellent movie! 1000 times better than the trailers make it appear! <P ID="signature"><center> <IMG SRC = ""> </center></P>
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    Purchased a new PC

    I got my new PC. For 560 canadian (with tax), I got the following: Compaq Presario 1750 200 GB Seagate ATA serial HD 1 GB 3200 DDR Ram 3500+ AMD64 Processor Integrated Sound/Video 56k Modem DVD Writer Pretty good considering the amount of money I paid. <P ID="signature"><center> <IMG SRC =...
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    Took a job at work that nobody wanted

    Silly, It was an irrational fear that everyone had. Everyone in my IT department was to scared to go to the CEOs house to setup his computer. The CEO and his wife are nice people. It is silly. I work in a company of 4000 people or so. <P ID="signature"><center> <IMG SRC =...
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    Married Now

    Also got told that i start Jan. 3rd at a new job. Yaaaaaaaaay! I am very tired of assembly work <P ID="signature"><center> <IMG SRC = ""> </center></P>
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    Eventful times

    Today, I had a colonoscopy. A pain in the ass test (literally). I hate the test preparation. This Saturday, I get married. A few weeks ago, a union notified me that they will be recommending me for an IT position at a Power Plant. Unfortunately, it takes alot of time for the security...
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    Tokyo thus far

    Impressions: - vending machines are everywhere (i mean everywhere) - akihabara is huge and is heaven for an anime nut - a strait residential street is unheard of - oneway streets in North America are magically 2 way streets here - departments stores here are HUGE - Public washrooms are clean...
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    Vacation time!

    I start my vacation tommorrow. Tommorrow: 7 am - 5 hour bus ride to Toronto. Stay overnight Friday: 10 am - 14 hour flight to Tokyo Oct 26th: Fight to Honolulu followed by an interisland flight to kuaii (i think thats the spelling) island Nov 1: Back to Toronto Money is going to be a...
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    John Roberts to be Chief Justice This is just stupid. The guy has not heard a single supreme court case. His nomination for the court has not even cleared yet. The position should go to someone else more q ualified. This is stupid.
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