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    Best free firewall?

    I decided to move away from the Norton suite for multiple reasons, and I'm going to use freeware insted. For the anti-virus, I'm going to use AVG, but I'm not sure about the firewall. I've used Kerio and ZoneAlarm in the past, but ZoneAlarm was horrible and Kerio would hang at times. The only...
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    Looking for a document indexer

    I'm looking for a program that will go though a directory of MS Word documents, and then create an index of each word and which documents it occurs in, and has to be compatible with cyrilic characters. Any suggestions? <P ID="signature"></P>
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    FS: Kingwin AWC-1 PC water cooling kit

    I'm selling an unopened, still shrink wrapped Kingwin Artic Liquid Cooler water cooling system. It works on P3,P4, K7, and K8 processors. You can see everything it comes with here. In my opinion, the best part of the kit is it's connectors, they aren't the typical water cooling clamps, but...
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    FireFox 1.5 Final is out

    Not on the front page yet, but you can find it here.
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    FS: NDS, 3 games, 256M flash cart, and WiFiMe compatible card

    Well, I figure its time to move on, so I'm selling my unscratched silver Nintendo DS that has about 10 months left on the warranty with a spare stylus, Mario 64DS, Asphault Urban with the box, Rayman DS with the box, a 256M EZ Flash II PowerStar cart and USB linker (which has an official .nds...
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    Wanted: PassMe for NDS

    Had to send my DS in to get repaired, and they sent me back one with the new firmware, so I need to get a PassMe or PassMe2 to flash it back. If anybody has a Passme2, can you tell me what game it is programmed for?(hopefully I won't have to make my own JTAG cable) Perfered method of payment...
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    Friggin VMWare Player

    Installation failed on XP after it installed some drivers which crippled my system, I can't get rid of them, and for some reason a repair install of XP hangs at "Installing Network". Now I have to format and reinstall. Oh joy. And the VMWare forums were no help.
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    Whats the best PCMCIA wireless NIC card for linux?

    I going to be getting a laptop soon, and I'm going to pu Ubuntu on there, and now I need to find a working pcmcia wireless card. I was going to go with the Linksys WPC54G, but I found out it doesn't support linux. Any recommendations?
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    MFC or WinAPI?

    I've been learning C++, and I think its time for me to start going into GUIs, but the problem is I don't know wether I should learn how to create programs using the Win32 API or just go with MFC. Any suggestions as for which one I should learn and/or a good book for teaching myself it?
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    Windows Update hates me?

    I have a legitimate copy of Windows 2000, but when I try going to windows update it never gets passed "checking for the latest updates for your computer" screen. Same thing on my illegitimate copy of XP. Am I the only one with this problem?
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    SNES controller to USB mod?

    This website has a kit that turns your SNES controller into a USB gamepad. Does anybody know of a tutorial that shows you what parts are needed and how to solder it? I work for an electronic component reseller/distributer so I can get the parts much cheaper then the cost of that kit. <P...
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