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  1. IceSage

    NSF2Midi - IceSage Edition

    Hey, I have a question, I wrote this in on one of the feedback or question pages on the mainsite, but I never received a reply. I think I asked a couple of members around here the question, but they didn't know either. I decided to shoot this question here. A long time ago, I had submitted a...
  2. IceSage

    Hacking "Wheel of Fortune."

    While I haven't even attempted to mess around with it at the moment, I was wondering if anyone has created a tool, or knows, how to hack the NES version of "Wheel of Fortune" to create custom puzzles, or to remove puzzles from the game, leaving only 1 puzzle for the game to choose from. I know...
  3. IceSage


    Well that was 32 seconds I'll never get back. -_- <P ID="signature"></P>
  4. IceSage

    Offering: Air Fortress (Mint)

    I apparently have an extra copy of "Air Fortress" an old NES game. It's pretty good, the thing is... I never unwrapped it or took it out of it's box. (Although, right now I'm not sure where I've placed it.) Anyways, I'm not sure if this is what this forum is for or not but... Anyone wish to buy...
  5. IceSage

    Greetings and Salutations!

    I didn't see any rule about making an introduction post, so... I thought I should make one along with my question that I have... Anyways, greetings, I am IceSage! If you have no idea who I am, I'm the guy who created the Pokemon hack "Cokemon." (You don't know what Cokemon is either? GAH...
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