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    Snes Table Help

    I know how to make a table file for use with a hex editor, but there is this problem for the snes I don't know where or how to find the hex addresses for the font in the snes rom image that I need to know in order to make my table file. I have searched for documents, emulators, and graphic's...
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    PSX Hacking Question

    I have yet to figure out everything about PSX games. I have a PSX *.img file do I need to burn it to a CD as is or do I need to convert it to an ISO or Bin file first. What programs are there for things like that. I already have an insight into hacking PSX I just don't know how to convert my...
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    Enter verification code: for hacks

    Well I don't know but I dodn't see any verification code, where it is suppose to be when submiting a hack. I am using Fire Fox 3 but tried it with Internet explorer 8 too. FF3 doesn't show anything, IE8 shows a square with an X in it where the image should be. Sorry if I sound rude I am just...
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    Where to order Famicom Carts

    Well I have a system that apparently takes and can play Japanese Famicom carts the thing is I can't find any online shops where I can buy them, I know about Ebay auction sites and that, but I am looking for online retailers where I can pay out right.. I am looking for cartridge games and not the...
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